Early Payment Service

Early Payment Service

▼ Early Payment Service
Our “Early Payment Service” allows you to choose the desirable payment cycle: the number of closing dates, the closing date and the date of the deposit.
The service is available as an optional service (*1) for those merchants who have our Representative contract with merchants (use our PG Multi-Payment Service (*2)). It can be applied to payment cycles of various payment methods, including credit card payment, convenience store payment, Pay-easy, and E-money payment, etc.

(*1) The merchant examination is required upon the use of our additional services.

(*2) PG Multi-Payment Service provides merchants with the payment platform, links payment information between merchants and payment operators, unifies all agreements between merchants and payment operators, and conducts sales deposit to merchants.

Advantages of the “Early Payment Service”

You can set up the payment cycle that corresponds with your cash flow.

Because the deposit of sales proceeds to E-commerce operators takes time, one of the E-commerce management tasks for online business operators is the cash flow that is affected by capital needs, such as working capital or sales promotion expenses.
Upon the “Early Payment Service” E-commerce operators are able to choose the desirable payment cycle including “the number of closing dates”, “the closing date”, and “the period between closing and deposit”, thus, they can set such payment cycle that corresponds with their working capital needs, and operate their online shops without worrying about cash flow problems.

Early Payment Service helps to set up payment cycles that cater to your business needs and improve your cash flow.We offer the widest range of closing cycles in the entire industry.*If the sales is deposited 40 days after the closing (the standard service), the closing date is the last day of each month.

Sales deposit process

It is possible to reduce the time that is required for the sales deposit up to 2 months.

Example below: the closing is 3 times, the period between closing and deposit is 2 business days.


Multi-Payment Service

“PG Multi-Payment Platform” is a comprehensive payment service that gathered various payment solutions as the industries’ most advanced “SaaS”, which is easily introduced and highly efficient.

The process of service introduction is very smooth, as we facilitate all steps from the beginning of platform introduction to the full-scale service operations.