Payment Option Services

▼ Payment Option Services

Our PG Multi-Payment Service provides optional services that can accommodate to your business needs. They are “Early Payment Service” that helps to set up payment cycles and improve your cash flow, “GMO-PG Remittance Service” that provides an efficient automated system for the repayment and remittance, and “Transaction Lending (financial service)” that provides short-term funding based on your daily sales performance.

Early Payment Service

This service allows you to choose desirable payment cycle: the number of closing dates, the closing date and the date of the deposit.
Early Payment Service is available for those merchants who have our Representative contract with merchants.

GMO-PG Remittance Service

This service handles complicated operations of remittance and repayment to customers in a fast and accurate way. In addition, you will be able to minimize the risk as a business operator, because we store the recipient’s account information once it was filled in. By adding our remittance service, it is possible to make your transfer fee lower compared to postal money order and remittance services conducted by financial institutions.

Transaction Lending (financial service)

Our Transaction Lending service uses your daily sales performance to make the credit decision and provide you with a short-term funding that will help to boost your sales.