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Google Pay

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Google Pay allows an end user to make an instant payment at the time of payment on E-commerce sites or apps with the credit card information registered to his/her Google account.

Google Pay API

Advantages of Google Pay

  • Hundreds of millions of users who have registered credit card information on their Google account can use Google Pay.
  • Shipment target information registered on Android devices or Google Chrome can be shared.
  • You can expect a higher conversion rate because a user only needs a few taps to complete a purchase and a payment.
  • Credit card data is tokenized and protected by Google’s high security.

Operation flow of Google Pay

Flow from the purchase to the payment to merchant

  • Purchase information, Payment number, Processed payment notification…Purchase data, payment number and payment completion notice
  • Deposit…Payment
Operation flow of Google Pay
  1. Send tokenized payment data
  2. Settlement process with the tokenized payment data
    (Merchant website to GMO-PG)
  3. Translate token into card number before settlement
    (GMO-PG to card company)
  4. Settlement result notice
    (Card company to GMO-PG)
  5. Settlement result notice
    (GMO-PG to merchant website)
  1. Settlement completion notice
    (Merchant website to end user)
  2. Service delivery or product shipment
    (Merchant to end user)
  3. Payment (End user to card company)
  4. Payment (Card company to GMO-PG)
  5. Payment (GMO-PG to merchant)

Notes about Google Pay

1. Terms of use for merchants

  • • You need to apply for credit card payment service under PG Multi-Payment Service to use our Google Pay service.
    *Under Google Pay, the credit card data registered on Google account is used for settlement by credit card payment service under PG Multi-Payment Service

2. System development

  • • Please see the link below for our system development guide to obtain card data registered on Google account.
  • • Please see our specification to make a payment using the card data obtained from Google account.

3. Terms of use for end users

  • • Terminal: Desktop or mobile terminal
  • • Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, or UCWeb UC Browser

4. Deposit amount determination

  • • Sales proceeds through credit card payment minus pre-determined card fee is paid to merchants.
    *For more information, please contact us via application form below.