EPOS Kantan Payment

EPOS Kantan Payment

EPOS Kantan Payment

▼ EPOS Kantan Payment
EPOS Kantan Payment is a payment method whereby EPOS cardmembers can make payments for shopping and services using their registered EPOS Net ID and Password. These purchases will be eligible to use the EPOS points and for EPOS point special rewards.

Advantages of EPOS Kantan Payment

  • 1. Raises the purchase frequency and average purchase value for merchants through purchases made using EPOS points and new member rewards.
  • 2. Tapping into the active users (especially the younger generation) of EPOS cardmembers.
  • 3. Higher conversion rates with the easy-to-use payment; helps in reactivating dormant new members.

Operation flow of EPOS Kantan Payment

Flow from the purchase to the payment to merchant

  • Purchase data, payment number and payment completion notice …Purchase information, Payment number and Payment confirmation notification
  • Payment …Deposit (transfer of funds)
Operation flow
  1. Purchase
  2. Payment processing
    (Merchant EC site -> GMO-PG)
  3. Payment processing
    (GMO-PG -> EPOS Card)
  4. Confirmation information (URL) issued
    (EPOS Card -> GMO-PG)
  5. Notification of confirmation information
  1. Confirmation screen page displayed
    (Merchant EC site -> End user)
  2. Confirmation processing
    (End user -> EPOS Card)
  3. Payment completion notification
    (EPOS Card -> GMO-PG)
  4. Payment completion notification
    (GMO-PG -> Merchant EC site)
    This uses only result notification
  5. Service/Goods delivered
  1. Sales proceeds deposited
    (EPOS Card -> Merchant)

Procedures for service implementation

Possible to launch service in 4 weeks from the point of application

STEP 1: Conclude merchant contract for use of EPOS Kantan Payment between merchant and EPOS Card (approx. 3 weeks)

In conjunction to the above contract, we will propose an optimized payment service plan and cost estimates based on the merchant’s transactions and their needs/challenges.

STEP 2: Submit application for PG Multi-payment Service

Once an agreement on the cost estimate is reached, we will provide the URL link for the application form. Please submit necessary documents and complete the application form online.

STEP 3: Submit Store ID and Merchant ID for EPOS Kantan Payment service, at the same time as STEP 2.

The merchant will send the Merchant ID and Store ID that is issued once the merchant contract between the merchant and EPOS Card is concluded.

STEP 4: Account issued/System installed (Payment made using TEST ID)

The merchant will carry out installation according to system specifications after the merchant receives their Account info via email sent from GMO-PG.

STEP 5: Installation complete. Notification that system is ready for launch.

GMO-PG will notify merchant via email that the system environment is fully ready for launch.

STEP 6: Mock test payment (Test payment using registered ID)

Test payment will be conducted using the actual registered ID and account.

STEP 7: Launch

Cautionary points on EPOS Kantan Payment

  • ・A merchant contract is required to between the merchant and EPOS Card. Similarly, a PG Multi-Payment Service contract will be required by the merchant.
  • ・The “Merchant ID” and “Store ID” will be required for this service. Merchants will need to confirm it with EPOS Card to begin coordinating with GMO-PG.