▼ Alipay
Alipay is one of the most widely used online payment services in China. By supporting “Alipay Payment Service”, you are able to access a big number of registered Alipay users and accelerate the growth of your E-commerce business in the largest Chinese E-commerce market, which exceeded 3.6 trillion RMB (54 trillion yen) in 2016.

Advantages of “Alipay Payment” offered by GMO PG

  • ・On your behalf we conduct all the necessary procedures when implementing the payment system.
  • ・The payment implementation is carried out within a short period and at low cost with the relatively small impact on your existing system.
  • ・Payments are made in RMB, so there is no foreign exchange risk.

Overview of “Alipay Payment”

It is one of the largest payment solutions in China.

Alipay has a market share of nearly 50% compared to other Chinese online payment services, and it is one of the most widely used online payment service in China.

Chinese shoppers, who already use Alipay payment, don't need to go through another registration procedure at the time of payment.

Since Alipay is one of the proven services, there is no risk of uncollected sales.

We conduct all necessary procedures regarding the contract with Alipay.

Contract negotiations are conducted in Chinese and based on Commercial Law of China.

For many companies it can be a big hurdle, so we go through all contract procedures on your behalf to resolve all your concerns regarding understanding international laws and the necessity to use Chinese during business negotiation.

Payment are made in RMB, so there is no foreign exchange risk.

Alipay collects sales proceeds in RMB; we convert it in Yen on your behalf, so you do not need to be concerned about foreign exchange risk.

Advantages for Chinese shoppers

  • ・Chinese shoppers are able to purchase your goods by paying with RMB.
  • ・Those shoppers, who already use Alipay payment, are able to purchase goods on your website right away without opening any new accounts.
  • ・It is available 24/7/365 and familiar to all Chinese shoppers.

Implementation flow

Implementation flow
  1. We send Alipay Payment Service Specifications to you via a secure email.

    *If you have any questions before signing the contract, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Center (free dial)

  2. You are required to submit following documents.
    ・Alipay Payment Service Application
    ・Terms of Use
  3. You conduct system environment settings based on provided specifications.
  4. We conduct screening determined in the contract.
  5. We issue URL to connect with Alipay Payment.
  6. You connect to the issued URL and conduct connection test in the production environment.
  7. You start full-scale operation of Alipay Payment Service.