LINE Ads Platform Agency Service

LINE Ads Platform Agency Service

Grow your sales by leveraging LINE Ads Platform!

Overview of LINE Ads Platform

Distribution of advertisements on LINE Timeline and LINE NEWS was launched for LINE Ads Platform in June 2016 as a performance-based ad menu. The platform now provides one-stop distribution to high-MAU LINE Timeline and LINE NEWS, LINE BLOG which is joined by over 2400 official bloggers, and LINE Manga with 17 million downloads. (Distribution target may expand or change.)

LINE Ads Platform Image

Cited from material on LINE Ads Platform for January-March 2018

Reasons to choose LINE Ads Platform

1. Overwhelmingly high number of active users

LINE Ads Platform provides one-stop distribution access to LINE Timeline and LINE NEWS that enjoy high MAU among others on LINE.
*Distribution target is on the gradual expansion, such as on LINE Manga and LINE BLOG.

2. High response rate to ads

Since users are becoming more and more active, there are many cases where users do not recognize companies’ posts as ads. This leads to a higher response rate. Click through rate of LINE Ads Platform is often over 1%.

3. Accommodates many users who are otherwise not accessible

17.1% of users on LINE Timeline are not accessible by Facebook or Twitter, which makes LINE Ads Platform friendly for new user acquisition.

Age and sex of Timeline users reachable only by LINE
Cited from material on LINE Ads Platform for October-December 2017

Distribution method of LINE Ads Platform

  • WEB AD: Ad format for leading users to external pages (LP)
  • APP AD: Ad format calling for smartphone app installation
  • VIDEO AD: Ad format for brand enhancement via videos (within Timeline only)

Cited from material on LINE Ads Platform for October-December 2017

Advantages of having your ads run by GMO-PG

1. Proposals with accurate targeting and creativity that maximize the effects

Creativity is the key for LINE, just like for other social media. Since the establishment of its advertising department, GMO-PG has undertaken consulting businesses on running ads, mainly on SNS. Such experiences allow us to make optimal and creative proposals.

2. Well-versed in cosmetics, apparel and HR

GMO-PG has abundant experiences in cosmetic, apparel and HR ad running, which it is said LINE Ads Platform suits. GMO-PG has knowledge in running performance-based ads in other areas, which allows for an effective ads running.

3. Analysis and improvement

With many of our members holding Google Analytics qualification, our monthly report thoroughly verifies holistic ads effect. GMO-PG helps you improve cost effectiveness of your ads by running PDCA cycle.

Examples(offered by LINE Corporation)〉

Ladies apparel (product purchase)
¥2,000,000 0.30% ¥130 4% ¥3,000
Basic skin care (sample purchase)
¥24,000,000 0.95% ¥25 5.80% ¥430
Personnel service (part-time work signup)
¥2,000,000 1.80% ¥23 3.90% ¥600

The flow of LINE Ads Platform introduction

1. Initial interview

We conduct the initial interview on numerical targets, such as purposes and up to present operation.

2. Proposal

We propose a strategy adjusted to your interests and including simulation based on the interview results.

3. Contract signing and operation start

A contract will be concluded as soon as you send the checked and signed contract to us. Operation start will be adjusted according to your request.

4. Report on operation

We regularly conduct operation reporting. During our regular meetings we present report on the previous month operation as well as the report on the next month operation.
*According to the amount used, we might not conduct the meeting and will mail the report.

5. Operation adjustments

We conduct necessary adjustments to the operation according to numerical targets.