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GMO-PG Online Advertising Service Focusing on Overseas Market

▼ GMO-PG Online Advertising Service Focusing on Overseas Market
GMO Payment Gateway delivers online advertising services, such as Listing Ads and Facebook Ads, which are addressed to the domestic market. Moreover, we conduct online marketing support for merchants who are considering global expansion, or are actively expanding their services overseas.
GMO-PG has five entities in the Greater China and South East Asia. This includes such countries as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. While continuing business expansion, we take advantages of the market knowledge in every region, and operate global online advertising that suites to merchants’ services in the best way.

Background of Global Online Advertising Services

In recent years, the number of Japanese companies that offer online services to the SEA market has significantly increased. However, there is a big challenge that globally expanding companies face. It includes customer attraction to their overseas E-commerce website, sales improvement, and accumulation of local markets know-how. These all drive needs in global ad distribution. On the other hand, there is a big difference between a domestic advertising support and a global one. In order to provide advertising service to the global market, it is necessary to consider features of a foreign country, including its language and culture.

GMO-PG will help you to solve this problem. Our “GMO-PG Online Adverting Service” has great results in operating online advertising for the domestic market, and in global online advertising that focuses mainly on South East Asia.

Payment × Global Advertising

GMO-PG provides comprehensive support of your global business expansion.

1. Global payment platform、2. Inbound business support for tourists visiting Japan、3. Cross-border E-commerce in SEA enabled through collaboration with Syndacast

1. Global payment platform

We provide a wide range of payment services, including “ Payment” (former GMO-PG Global Payment), Alipay Payment for Chinese market, Multi-Currency Credit Card Payment, and various local payment solutions.

2. Inbound business support for tourists visiting Japan

We conduct support for inbound businesses by providing our payment, global ad distribution, and content marketing services.

3. Cross-border E-commerce in SEA enabled through collaboration with Syndacast

In 2014 GMO-PG teamed up with Sydacast to provide online advertising services across South East Asia, as Syndacast has the largest DSP in the SEA and has obtained a high evaluation in Thailand and Singapore. By doing this, we are able to deliver appropriate online advertisements according to the language and culture features of South Asian countries.

The flow of Global Advertising Service introduction

1. Initial interview

We conduct the initial interview on numerical targets, purposes and up to present operations.

2. Proposal

We propose a strategy adjusted to your interests and including simulation based on the interview results.

3. Contract signing and operation start

A contract will be concluded as soon as you send the checked and signed contract to us. Operation start will be adjusted according to your request.

4. Report on operation

We regularly conduct operation reporting. During our regular meetings we present report on the previous month operation as well as the report on the next month operation.

*According to the amount used, we might not conduct the meeting and will mail the report.

5. Operation adjustments

We conduct necessary adjustments to the operation according to numerical targets.