Ad Expenses Post Pay Service

Ad Fee Post Pay Service

▼ Ad Fee Post Pay Service
GMO-PG sets an account for advertising fees on your behalf. Upon using this account, you pay only for the use of multiple media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo!, Google) after receiving an invoice from us.

Four advantages of our Ad Fee Post Pay Service

1. Single payment for using multiple media

On your behalf, we handle opening accounts for each media, invoice management, and remittance procedures to reduce your work load on advertisement operation.

* Target media: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google.

2. Late pay for advertising fees: 60 - 90 day cycle

Ad Fee Post Pay Service offers a “60 - max. 90 day cycle” allowing you to extend the ads payment by two months. Since you have some leeway on the cash flow, you can operate advertising without any concerns.

* Please contact us separately regarding cash flow and payment cycles.

2.  Late pay for ad expenses: 60 ~ 90-day cycle
3. No need to worry about the amount limit

By letting you use the advertising account opened by GMO-PG, we solve the problem when advertising is not possible because the amount has reached the limit of the credit card.

*You are required to pass the screening upon using our post pay service.

4. Enhanced support

We have accumulated rich experience as an online advertising provider and offer our services to a large number of merchants. By achieving great results in the sphere of online advertisement, we can guarantee the enhanced support of your advertisement operation. Even merchants that are new to advertising can use our services without any concerns.

Strengths of “PG and Ad Fee Post Pay Service”

1. Our enhanced support for customers who are new to online advertising.

GMO Payment Gateway is operating advertising accounts of more than 300 merchants.

2. Fast information exchange with media representatives.

GMO Payment Gateway is No. 1 authorized distributor of Yahoo!, Facebook certified partner, and Twitter official partner.
We receive the latest information updates at first hand and make the best use of it.

3. Ad Fee Post Pay Service as a capability of a payment gateway

GMO-PG offers comprehensive payment-related services and financial services.

The flow of Ad Fee Post Pay Service introduction

1. Filling in the inquiry form

At this point, you are required to fill in the inquiry form. After receiving this form, we will send an email with the further guidance.

2. Screening

We conduct merchants’ screening that takes from three to five days.

3. Report on screening results and filling the order form

As soon as the screening is over, we send the order form that you are required to fill out. In addition, the official seal of your company is required.

4. Issuing account

We issue account during about seven days.

5. Start settings

After issuing an advertising account, we conduct settings that are necessary for ad delivery (about 1 day).

6. Ad delivery start

Application checklist

□Upon utilizing Google Adwords, Yahoo!, and Twitter Ads: promotion URL:promotion URL

□Upon utilizing Facebook and Instagram advertising: Business Manager ID:Business Manager ID

* Please click on the link below to learn more about Facebook Business Manager

*Please click here to create your account

□Upon utilizing Twitter: Twitter account:Twitter account
* You are required to have more than one tweet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I entrust ad operation to you in the future?

Of course. Please feel free to contact us if you have any troubles with ad operation regarding in-house advertising or unsatisfactory advert results. We will analyze the problem and implement appropriate measure to improve the situation.

Is there any time limits upon using the post pay service, for instance, using it for only one month?

Once you signed the contract, you can use our post pay service when and as long as you like. Post pay service costs will not be incurred for those months that don't use the service.
*Post pay service costs: 5,000 yen or 5% of advertising fees if they are less than 100,000 yen.

Can an overseas corporation apply for your post pay service?

We are very sorry, but our Ad Fee Post Pay Service is not available for transactions with overseas corporations. Please note, that it is possible only through a Japanese corporation. There is no problem in delivering ads globally, if we have the contract with your Japanese corporation.

When will the invoice be delivered?

We will mail the invoice in the middle of the next month. Since the payment due date is the end of the second month, you will have enough cash flow.

Is it possible to issue the invoice at the beginning of the month after the advertisement delivery month?

Unfortunately not, because the time we send you the invoice depends on the time when each media finalizes the billing. If you need the invoice by the middle of the month, you can confirm the billing amount from the administration screen. However, there is a possibility that the billing amount can be deviated by 10 – 100 yen, as the media can be in the process of the billing adjustments.

What happens if I delivered advertisement via the account issued by GMO Payment Gateway and I fail the screening after delivering my advertisement?

Even if you deliver advertisement via the account issued by us, the possibly of being disapproved still remains.
You might be disapproved by a media based on the product or service you are advertising, so please refer to the privacy policy of each media for details.
If your product or service is likely to fail the screening, please note, that we may not be able to accept your application.

Can multiple people distribute ads, or can I deliver ads to multiple Facebook pages upon using one account?

You can make additional settings via Business Manager. We will provide all this information before you start the real ads delivery.

I am using your Facebook Advertising Service, and I already received many Likes by using your post pay service. I was wondering whether the number of followers might be reset?

There is no impact on your existing Facebook page, as the account for the post pay usage is just linked to the existing page. The number of followers and Likes remains the same.

Can I use Twitter third-party advertising (advertising service that enables to deliver ads from celebrities)?

Third-party advertising is available only to agency accounts. It can be used via the account issued by us. Please contact us separately as you will need to submit an additional application.

*Please refer to the link below to learn more about Third-party advertising (only in Japanese).