Providing optimal operation methods

Providing optimal operation methods
~GMO-PG Services that go beyond the scope of manuals~


For more than 20 years, GMO Payment Gateway (GMO-PG) has expanded its business based on the No. 1 priority of responding to the needs of customers. Today, the E-commerce market is becoming even more diversified and complex. Amidst such conditions, in order to respond to a wide range of needs, we have developed “PG Multi-Payment Service,” a revolutionary platform capable of integrated management for more than 20 types of payment methods. This service enables us to make the best proposal to each customer based on careful consideration of factors such as the industry, type of business, size of business, and regional characteristics.

Recently, based on factors such as the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020, the development of secure environments for credit card transactions is advancing. Our company is also focusing on proposing and providing the optimal security services for our customers’ E-commerce sites.

  • An innovation partner of customers
    Our role is much more than simply providing a safe and secure payment platform. I believe that our true mission is to guide our customers’ E-commerce websites to success, and to use “payment” as a tool for contributing to the success of our customers’ businesses. Instead of simply being a provider of payment services, I want to serve as an innovation partner. From a customer perspective, I am constantly searching for ways to achieve mutual growth.

    As I just mentioned, enhanced security environments are being developed and E-commerce websites are required not to retain credit card information or comply with PCI DSS by 2018. In response, instead of providing standardized services, our company is working to propose and realize the optimal response measures for each customer.

  • Various value-added services that are only possible by a PSP
    In order to support E-commerce business which is becoming increasingly complex and diversified, we actively propose value-added solution in response to our customers' requests.

    Examples include services for attracting customers to E-commerce websites through a variety of advertising methods, services for quick receipt of sales proceeds which are normally received in the following month or later, services which enable omni-channel retailing for face-to-face transactions and E-commerce, and support for customers who are seeking to expand overseas. These value-added services can only be provided by a PSP like our company. Through these services, I hope to contribute to increased sales and business expansion at our customers.

    Additionally, even in the case of web customer service, customer data management, and other tools which are not provided by our company, we form partnerships with companies who supply these services and actively make introductions to our customers. We refer to this kind of support as being a “concierge” rather than a “consultant.”

  • Increasing the sales of our customers and providing
    satisfaction are the top missions of a “concierge"

    I believe that our true role is to serve as “concierges” who respond to various customer requests by proposing and introducing optimal services for realizing further improvement in the E-commerce business of our customers.Of course, since we are not consultants, we do not charge any fees for such proposals and introductions. Increasing sales and bringing satisfaction to our customers are our top missions as concierges. This is also our responsibility as a business handling the “payments” which support the basis of commerce.

    For example, let’s assume that a certain company has a budget of 10 million yen. Normally, nearly one-third of this budget would be allocated to consulting expenses. However, when dealing with our company, there are no fees for consulting or introductions. This makes it possible to propose full utilization of the customer budget. In this example, 5 million yen could be spent on advertising methods consisting of services to attract customers to the E-commerce site, and the remaining 5 million yen could be allocated to marketing activities or gathering information related to sales strategy. Of course, while the allocation of the budget can always be decided by the customer, we are also able to make recommendations as a “concierge.” We enable our customers to make full use of their precious working capital.

Our proposals are based on “evidence” gathered from the richest experience in the industry
Currently, we handle payment processing totaling approximately 2 trillion yen for more than 72,569 sites.(As of September 2016) Through this experience, we have refined our payment services based on the opinions of customers who actually use our services.
These customer opinions provide detailed feedback which was only made possible by our thorough consideration for the industry, type of business, size of business, and regional characteristics when making proposals. The accumulation of these opinions has given our company unique know-how. Accordingly, we are confident in our ability to make the best proposals based on customer-based “evidence,” not on theory.
Moreover, since our business model as a payment business frees our company from ties to a particular system or E-commerce service provider, we are able to make objective decisions when selecting and introducing business partners who will improve the value of our customers’ E-commerce sites. It makes me extremely happy to hear positive things about a partner from a customer operating an E-commerce site. This also provides benefits to the E-commerce service providers which serve as partners. This also gives us the confidence to act as an innovation partner that accelerates the growth of our customers.

Recently, the number of inquiries received via websites is increasing even further. Trust GMO-PG for our development ability to realize payment systems which meet customer needs, as well as our partner network and proposal ability for growing together with our customers’ businesses.