Implemented credit card payment and convenience store payment | Success Stories

Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

We wanted to increase our sales opportunities by implementing credit card payment and convenience store payment!
We safely and reliably deliver products exclusive to our store, products featuring popular characters, and other high value-added products to our customers.

Able to significantly increase sales

Until installing the payment services offered by GMO-PG, we only offered cash on delivery as a payment method. However, as a measure to increase online store sales, we were interested in credit card payment and convenience store payment.
Through these measures, we were able to improve convenience for our customers and significantly increase sales. (Masanobu Tanabe, Internet Business Office)

Robust security, safety, and reliability

By installing services provided by GMO-PG, we were able to realize a high level of security while also suppressing the installation cost. Also, more than anything else, we selected GMO-PG because of safety and reliability. Ultimately, the biggest reason for our choice was the record of performance at GMO-PG.

When considering installation, we held a hearing for the payment system provided by GMO-PG. I received a very favorable impression of the system, particularly the aspect of reliability. After installation, we haven’t had any significant problems and can entrust payment services to GMO-PG with peace of mind.

Outlook for online store management

I want to strongly emphasize the sense of premium and official value which is unique to an official online store. Also, as an online store operated by an animation production company, our store is popular for limited-time goods and advance sales featuring our company’s characters. With this in mind, I want to develop even more products which will be popular with our fans.

I also want to make our online store even more convenient through measures such as adding more payment methods.