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Message from the President

Greetings to all our Stakeholders.

In FY2022, economic activity gradually normalized with the easing of measures for infection prevention, and we saw online shopping increasingly becoming an accepted lifestyle, further driving cashless penetration.

In this business environment, the Payment Processing Business trended strongly as services to domestic and overseas large enterprises commenced and rollout of payment systems in the focus markets. In the Money Service Business, we created new services to accelerate growth while appropriately responding to the increase in credit risks. Furthermore, financial stability progressed from the significant benefit generated by investment activities.

As a result, both revenue and profits grew for 17 consecutive terms since listing on the TSE Mothers market in 2005. These results were possible thanks to the support from our Stakeholders, and I am deeply grateful for the support.

We will continue to strive to raise the corporate vaue by contributing to the advancement and realization of a sustainable society by focussing on payment services that support the digitalization of our customer's services.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance as we move forward.

Issei Ainoura
President & Chief Executive Officer
December 2022