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Message from the President

Greetings to all our Stakeholders.

The business environment in the fiscal year ending September 2023 underwent significant change, with consumption in a recovery trend following the easing of travel and movement restrictions on one hand and, increasing inflationary pressures arising from factors including tightening of labor supply/demand on the other.

Under these circumstances, the Payment Processing Business focused on enlarging project sizes by strengthening relations with large enterprises. In particular, the drive to expand cashless payment in the offline market resulted in significant revenue growth. In the Money Service Business, we focused on expanding GMO Payment After Delivery and lending service to overseas corporates while taking heed of credit risks.

As a result, we achieved 18 consecutive terms of revenue and profit growth since listing on the TSE Mothers market in 2005. This achievement was possible thanks to the encouraging support from our shareholders, and we are deeply grateful for this support.

We will continue to strive to raise corporate value further by focusing on payment to expand our business by creating new domains and services that leverage innovations and resolve social challenges while ensuring the sustainability perspective.

We look forward to your continued support and guidance in our ongoing journey.

Issei Ainoura
President & Chief Executive Officer
December 2023