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Message from the President

Greetings to all our Shareholders.

I would like to first offer my deep sympathies to those affected by COVID-19 and wish for their speedy recovery.

Looking back on FY2021, both online and offline payments in payment processing service trended strongly, driven by commencement of new services to global large enterprises as well as from cashless payment and online shopping becoming customary in the daily lives of consumers, although there are lingering effects from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We raised funds for the business expansion of financial services, and continued to provide services while appropriately responding to the heightened credit risks due to COVID-19.

As a result, both revenue and profits grew for 16 consecutive terms since listing on the TSE Mothers Market in 2005. These results were possible thanks to the support from our Shareholders, and I am deeply grateful for the support.

We will continue to strive to raise the corporate value and to contribute to the advancemnt and realization of a sustainable society by being acutely aware of our ties with the community, society, and earth's environment that our stakeholders embody, by providing digitalization of various payment related services. We look forward to your continued support and guidance as we move forward.

Issei Ainoura
President & Chief Executive Officer
December 2021