Payment connects the future

We will continue to create new values
for payment solutions to enrich our lives.

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Leading company listed on the TSE

We were founded in 1995 and started by providing a Credit card payment mail order.

Since then, as online shopping has expanded due to the spread of the Internet, we have provided online payment services and supported the growth of EC (electronic commerce) in Japan as a leading company in the payment industry.

100,000 shop more

Now, online businesses such as online shops, NHK, national tax Agency and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, such as public entity, etc. 100,000 store more than merchants, comprehensive settlement-related services and finance provide relevant services, annual consolidated Transaction value exceeds 12 trillion yen (As of end-December 2022)

We also provide various payment solution platforms and support for the construction of infrastructure of payments financial institution promoting cashless and DX (digital transformation).
In order to contribute to the sustainable development of society, we provide services starting from payment that support online, cashless, paperless, etc. toward the realization of a digital society.

Thanks to you, we have set a goal of continuing sales of profit growth of 25% or more, and since listing in 2005, we have continued to achieve higher sales, profits and dividends.

We believe that the source of growth is the growth of each and every staff member, and we are developing human resources that emphasize not only knowledge and skills but also mindset. All of our staff are working toward the same vector to achieve sustainable growth.

We will continue to promote our business under a firm governance system, earnestly thinking that we will grow together with our customers and enrich the world as a company that bears important infrastructure.

And, while continuing to invest in equipment and development every year, we will focus on the five fields of "EC", "Fintech", "cashless", "IoT" and "global" so that we can continue "sales of 25% or more profit growth". We will expand growth strategy.

"EC" "cashless"
We will open up new markets so that online payments such as online shopping utility charge / taxes, real stores, and transactions between companies. In addition, we will form a payment platform specialized for each industry in order to contribute to cashless payments and DX of financial institution

We will provide member stores with finance technology and growth support services that meet financial needs.

We will promote unmanned real store accounting and develop the unmanned payment market for vending machines and vending machines.

We will globally develop knowledge, know-how and services related to settlement and finance We will also actively promote partner strategies by financing and investing in overseas companies.

Respond to times of unprecedented speed and always look to the future
We will createnew value centered on payment.