Company Profile

Business Overview

We provide our customers with comprehensive payment-related services and financial services.

We provide payment-related services that support the customer's online and cashless migration and digital transformation (DX). Annual transaction value exceeds ¥16 trillion and our online comprehensive payment services have been adopted by over 150,000 merchants such as EC operators and public institutions of NHK and National Tax Agency, etc. (As of end-March 2024, consolidated figures)
As the leading company in the payment industry, we contribute to the advancement and realization of a sustainable society by driving social innovations using payment and financial technology through our services, such as online comprehensive payment service, payment services in the offline market, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), BaaS Support services to financial institutions and enterprises and strategic investment and lending to overseas leading-edge FinTech companies.


(As of FY2023)

* Online payment includes pay-as-you-go and recurring payment and Payment (overseas payment service).

Scheme of Payment Processing Service

We provide a comprehensive payment system to merchants to enable the consumer to select their method of payment such as credit card and Payment After Delivery service.

A feedback loop model

The Company provides value added services (Money Service Business and Payment Enhancement Business) to merchants using the payment processing services, all of which contribute to expand the merchant’s revenue. This establishes a feedback loop of increasing transactions at the merchant which complements the Company’s core business.