Information for Investors

Shareholder Returns & Dividends

Basic policy on profit distribution

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. places management priority on sustainably securing the necessary retained earnings for the purpose of future business expansion and for strengthening the organization, as well as to sustain a stable level of shareholder returns.
Based on the strong business plans for the next fiscal year, the year-end dividend for FY2022 is forecast at ¥66 per share to raise the medium-to-long term corporate value by enhancing return of profits to shareholders and in keeping with the continued increase in the dividend amount since dividend payouts commenced.


FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Dividend per share
Annual (JPY)
58 36 52 59 66
Dividend per share
Year-end (JPY)
58 36 52 59 66
Payout ratio (consolidated)
50.2% 50.3% 50.2% 50.0% 50.8%

※We conducted 2-for-1 common stock split on October 1, 2018.