Information for Investors

Information Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy of Investor Relations

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (the “Company”) promptly and appropriately discloses important information to promote accurate understanding and judgment among shareholders and investors and to build a relationship of trust.

Standard for Disclosing Information

The Company provides timely disclosure of information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and with “Securities Listing Regulations on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information" as established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred as “Timely Disclosure Regulations”).

Method of Disclosure

The Company’s information disclosure meets the requirements of the Commercial Law and Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. In addition, in carrying out disclosure, which falls under Timely Disclosure Regulations, the Company makes full use of the electronic facilities provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). Information disclosed on TDnet is also promptly disclosed via other media including the Company’s website and press releases. Due to preparation of PDF files and other tools, the publication of such information may be delayed. Information which is not directly covered by Timely Disclosure Regulations is disclosed to shareholders and investors in a fair and appropriate manner based on the laws and regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Accuracy of the Information

The Company pays utmost attention to the accuracy of the information disclosed; however, the Company assumes no liability for any incidents arising from the inaccuracy of data.
The Company recommends that shareholders and investors view “important facts” and other information disclosed in accordance with rules of Securities Exchange Law, EDINET (electronic corporate disclosure system for disclosure documents, such as annual securities reports in accordance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Act), and regulations of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Performance Forecast and Other Forward-looking Statements

The Company provides detailed performance results on a quarterly basis for the convenience of everyone. However, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy of these forecasts, because forecasts and other forward-looking statements are made on information available at the time of preparation.
In addition, the Company does not endorse the performance predictions made by a third party.

Information Disclosure for Institutional Investors and Securities Analysts.

The Company holds meetings with securities analysts and institutional investors, including individual meetings, small and medium size meetings. The information presented in these meetings is already well-known facts that were disclosed in the Financial Results Briefing. The Company does not mention any undisclosed “important facts” to only certain people among shareholders and investors.

Thorough Implementation of Disclosure Policy

The Group Companies ensure thorough implementation of the Disclosure Policy and enforce it in all appropriate circumstances.
The Investor Relations Office is in charge of conducting all meetings with securities analysts and institutional investors. This pursues the goal to protect the Company and employees from any legal liability, including application of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Management of Insider Information

The Company has established rules regarding insider trading regulations. These regulations determine management guidelines for the disclosure of important facts of the Company and management standards concerning insider information. In addition, the Company focuses on training all employees to ensure thorough implementation of insider information management.

IR Silent Period

The Company observes an “IR Silent Period” each quarter beginning on the closing day of its financial accounts and lasting 3 weeks. During this period, the Company will not answer any inquiries or make any comments regarding financial results outcomes and forecasts, and does not conduct any individual meetings with analysts, seminars or conferences.


Information disclosure is designed to deepen understanding of the Company among the public, and is not intended as an inducement to invest. Be cautioned that the reader assumes all responsibility for his or her own investment-related decisions.
The Company cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any damages.