Company Profile


By contributing to society, we pursue both spiritual and material prosperity for our partners.

  • We contribute to the progress of our society with a strong intention to create and develop markets, and with transparency in expanding businesses.
  • We define our partners as a group of people whom we can trust. This group includes our employees, customers and business partners.
  • Our employees possess richness of spirit, advanced problem-solving abilities, and a high level of professionalism. They always pursue richness of spirit when they exchange values with our customers.

Our values

Be responsive to society’s diverse and changing needs

Spirit of innovation

We strive to maintain the technical superiority of our products.


The form of our project proposals is appropriate for the growing market’s speed.

Establish the value of existence


We strive to maintain the value of our company's existence through customer-oriented services.


We surpass competitors by pursuing revenue growth, and establish an unwavering position in the industry.

Independence / Education

Our training program is designed to cultivate businesspeople with a high level of self-sufficiency who will become model employees in all aspects: performance results, attitude, and mindset.

Pursue all possible conditions for making profit


With a focus on healthy business, we will continue to actively develop untapped markets in the area of various payment processing solutions.


We always make business judgments quickly and impartially considering important economic rationality.

Be responsible to shareholders

We strive to maximize the shareholder value by considering capital efficiency.
Proactively engaging in IR activities, we always provide our shareholders with appropriate information.