Information for Investors

Risk Information

Business risks, etc.

The GMO-PG consolidated companies are subject to a variety of risks related to our businesses. The major risks envisaged that could affect investor’s investment decisions are explained below. For details please refer to Japanese language only Annual Securities Report section on Business risks.

Annual Securities Report (Japanese language only)

(1) Business Environment

  • ①Industry trends
  • ②Penetration of E-Commerce
  • ③Competitive landscape
  • ④Response to technological trends and developments
  • ⑤Rules and Regulation
  • ⑥On the impact of surging inflation

(2) Business Activities

  • ①Operating Stores and Merchants
  • ②Use of information processing center network
  • ③Critical Contracts for Operations
    • a. Contracts related to operational outsourcing
    • b. Contracts related to representative merchants
    • c. Contracts related to Multi-Payment service
  • ④Intellectual Property
  • ⑤Business Investment
  • ⑥Management of Subsidiaries
  • ⑦Credit Risks
  • ⑧Overseas Business
  • ⑨Risk of Natural Disasters
  • ⑩Human Resource
  • ⑪Administrative and operational risks
  • ⑫On the procurement and sales of payment terminals

(3) Information Security

  • ①System Failure and Information Security
  • ②Impact and Possibility of Personal Data breach
  • ③Credit card information breach at the merchant

(4) Relations with the parent company’s group

  • ①Positioning of GMO-PG consolidated companies in the wider GMO Internet Group.
  • ②Transactions with GMO Internet Group
  • ③Concurrent Positions held by Directors at the Parent Company
  • ④Independence from Parent Company, Etc.

The items set forth above contains forward looking statements based on our views and decisions as of September 30, 2023.