Updated Online Payment Service and Tokenization's new JavaScript library "MpToken.js" is now generally available on npm
~Supports modern front-end development environments and enhances the developer experience~

May 28, 2024

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE Prime Market: Securities Code: 3769, President & Chief Executive Officer: Issei Ainoura hereinafter referred to as "GMO-PG"), which develops comprehensive payment-related services and finance-related services in the GMO Internet Group, announced today (Tuesday, May 28, 2024) that it will launch Online Payment Service" PG Multi-Payment Service" and a new Tokenization (*1) has been released. Since the JavaScript library is published on npm (*2) and supports React (*3) and Vue.js (*4), which are highly versatile in front-end development, it will be possible for PG Multi-Payment Service adopters to efficiently implement Tokenization.

Updated Online Payment Service and Tokenization 's new JavaScript library "MpToken.js" is now generally available on npm


GMO-PG regularly updates Online Payment Service" PG Multi-Payment Service", and in May 2023, GMO-PG released a new connection method "OpenAPI Type" that reduces the additional cost of payment method to one-tenth (*5) of the conventional one.
In this update, we've redesigned our credit card information non-passing-over settlement" Tokenization" and released a new Tokenization. The new Tokenization exposes the JavaScript library "MpToken.js" to the npm registry, and uses React, which is widely used worldwide in front-end development. Vue.js has been supported. As a result, companies that have introduced "PG Multi-Payment Service" will be able to efficiently implement Tokenization while reducing the learning cost and design man-hours of engineers.
In order to contribute to the business growth of business operators, GMO-PG will continue to update "PG Multi-Payment Service" with the aim of providing an environment that is easy for engineers to develop and a payment service that improves efficiency and reduces costs in terms of operation, while emphasizing convenience and safety for consumers.

Tokenization dataflow (example)

  • (*1) A service that can replace the credit card number entered by the purchaser with a token (a random alphanumeric character string) and process it payment. Publishers can now process payment without touching credit card numbers, reducing the risk of data breaches.
  • *2 An online database that collects packages of reusable Node.js (a type of JavaScript execution environment). Developers can efficiently build their projects by leveraging existing packages shared in the npm registry.
  • *3 A type of JavaScript library (a reusable collection of multiple highly versatile programs) for building user interfaces.
  • (*4) A type of JavaScript framework (a framework that summarizes the functions necessary for program development) for building user interfaces.
  • (*5) According to our research.

【About PG Multi-Payment Service】


Since 2008, GMO-PG has provided a Online Payment Service that allows you to introduce various payment method such as Credit card payment, CVS Payment, buy now pay later payment, smartphone-based payment, and Online direct debit payment at once. By making proposals that capture trends and issues specific to the industry and business category by a sales team that is familiar with the industry in charge, it can be used not only for e-commerce but also for business development based on payment, such as online business and DX. In addition, an optimized development environment that matches the current trends enables engineers to implement and operate efficiently.
With a full range of security solutions, high-quality payment processing systems that are both fast and stable, internationally accredited customer support, and financing options that help you grow and improve operational efficiency, you can grow your business in a safe and secure payment environment.

【GMO Payment Gateway】

We provide services based on payment that support online, cashless, DX, etc. The annual Transaction value exceeds 16 trillion yen, and Online Payment Service has been introduced to more than 150,000 merchants, including e-commerce businesses and public entity such as NHK and National Tax Agency.
As a leading company in the payment industry, we provide payment services in the Online Payment Service and face-to-face areas, buy now pay later BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later), financial institution BaaS Support to operating companies, strategic investment and financing to overseas advanced FinTech companies, etc., payment & finance We will drive social innovation through technology and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the progress and development of society. (As of the end of March 2024, consolidated figures)

【GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.】

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. provides payment-related services that support the customer's online and cashless migration and digital transformation (DX). Annual transaction value exceeds 16 trillion yen and our online comprehensive payment services have been adopted by over 150,000 merchants such as EC operators and public institutions of NHK and National Tax Agency, etc.
As the leading company in the payment industry, we contribute to the advancement and realization of a sustainable society by driving social innovations using payment and financial technology through our services, such as online comprehensive payment service, payment services in the offline market, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), BaaS Support services to financial institutions and enterprises and strategic investment and lending to overseas leading-edge FinTech companies. (As of end-Mar 2024, consolidated figures)

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Corporate Name GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE Prime Market Securities Code: 3769)
Location 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Fukurasu
Representative President & Chief Executive Officer Issei Ainoura
Business Description ■ Comprehensive payment related services and finance related services
Capital 13,323 million yen

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Corporate Name GMO Internet Group Co., Ltd. (TSE Prime Market Securities Code: 9449)
Location Cerulean Tower 26-1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director and Group Representative Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description ■ Internet infrastructure business
■ Internet advertising / media business
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■ Cryptographic assets business
Capital 5 billion yen
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