Respect for Human Rights

The Company supports and upholds the international norms of the UN International Bill of Human Rights, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. In addition, the Company will fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights through internal rules and Employees’ Code of Conduct that all partners (employees) must adhere to, which stipulates the respect for basic human rights and principles that prohibit any discriminative treatment. We uphold equal opportunity and respect for diversity in accordance with the Venture Spirit Declaration as a member of the GMO Internet Group, which states that “we do not tolerate prejudice on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, educational background, language, religion, or any other factors. We value people for their ability and merits.” Furthermore, the Company strives to secure fair and equitable labor conditions by convening forums to foster mutual understanding with partners when necessary.

Human Resource


The source of a company’s comprehensive capabilities and competitiveness is determined by the diversity of its human resources and how well these are leveraged. To realize the aim of sustainable growth, it is important to recruit talent and establish talent development programs to raise the capability of all partners in order to realize our Mission, resolve social challenges through innovative creativity, and create corporate value.
Recruitment activities are based on that individual’s comprehensive abilities of thoughts/opinions, passion, and capability and does not consider gender, education, science-oriented or humanities/arts-oriented nor nationality.

Unit FY2019 FY2020 FY2021
No. of partners (Consolidated) Persons 564 625 714
of which, no. of women partners Persons 205 226 240
% 38.7 36.8 36.2
of which, women managers Persons 16 17 22
Total number of new recruits (Consolidated) Persons 108 123 105
of which, new graduates Persons 22 30 23
of which, women new graduates Persons 8 8 10
Employee turnover rate (Consolidated) % 8.5 6.1 7.2
Non-full time employees (Consolidated) Persons 16 17 21
% 2.9 2.7 3.1
Employee ratio of disabled persons (Consolidated) % 1.2 2.2 2.3
Average years of employment (Non-consolidated) Years 4.1 4.2 4.6
Average age (Non-consolidated) Age 33.6 34.3 35.3
Average annual wages (Non-consolidated) Millions of yen 7.85 6.86 9.55
* The figures for FY2019 do not include Macro Kiosk Berhad due to its deconsolidation in FY2020.
* The figures for no. of partners (consolidated) do not include seconded workers from external companies.
* The figures for FY2021 do not include the number of new recruits and employee turnover for BUFFORT Inc., which joined the group in April 2021 (Second half of FY2021).

Average Annual Salary and Operating Profit per Employee

Basic Policies for the Practice of Management Philosophy

As a member of the GMO Internet Group, "GMO-ism" including the founding principle of “Venture Spirit Declaration” is recited or read periodically at meetings and gatherings to share this among all partners (employees) and use this principle to steer our conduct.

Venture Spirit Declaration

HR Development

360 Degree Evaluation System
System in which a partner can evaluate their line manager anonymously
Advisor System
System to support the early development of a business professional by drawing up a development plan and conducting monthly reviews
Career Design System
System whereby each person submits their career plans
One-on-One Training
New graduate recruits rotate to each division and to each GMO-PG consolidated company toexperience their vision and work atmosphere, after which the new recruits select their designation
PG Business Training
Training program aimed at skills development to foster business leaders that can lead to a sustainablebusiness growth

Workstyle Reforms

Based on the concept that a company should be the platform for individual growth, implement initiatives to continuously carry out workstyle reforms, including the establishment of proprietary talent development programs and welfare benefits; share its vision with all partners to foster organizational growth; and provide the means to fully deploy its talent. Thanks to these efforts, the Company was certified as a Great Place ToWork for the 7th consecutive time in July 2021, in the survey conducted by Great Placeto Work® Institute Japan.

Eight consecutive "Great Place to Work Certification" in the "Great Place to Work" survey elected to

Initiatives to Reduce Long Working Hours

In order to suitably manage partners’ labor conditions under the Labor Standards Law, the Company thoroughly manages and disseminates the applicable rules through an office attendance system, providing an operation manual, and stipulating the related items in the rules of employment. Specifically, the daily start and end of work time is recorded in the office attendance system which is corroborated with the access logs, and an alert is automatically displayed if the overtime work is expected to exceed a certain limit. Preventative measures against long working hours are carried out by aggregating the attendance record twice a month. The employee expected to work excessively long hours and the employee’s line manager is sent the results of the report along with a warning. In addition, medical consultation with a full-time occupational physician is made available. The Company is focused on health management of all partners even before the occurrence of long working hours by confirming the health conditions on a daily basis.

Develop the Systems and Structures for Personnel to Flourish

The Company has established a whistle-blower system to thoroughly implement compliance. This system ensures fair and objective investigation while securing the anonymity and secrecy of the whistle-blower. In addition, the Corporate Risk/Governance Office conducts harassment training periodically to all partners including managerial level staff.

Employee Benefit Programs

・On-site Childcare Facilities
An on-site childcare facility is available for working parents. There are many partners that commute to work with their children, drop the child at the childcare facility and return home with the child, and the facility can be used by men and women.
・Maternity Leave
Employees can take up to eight working days of leave (Special Paid Leave) before the start of prenatal leave for the purpose of regular health check-ups and for feeling unwell (such as morning sickness).
・Spouse Childbirth Leave
When a partner’s spouse is about to give birth, the spouse can take a special paid leave of a maximum of five working days during the 30-day period before and after the day of childbirth, including the day of childbirth. This enables partners to provide support and participation in childbirth labor.
・Childcare Leave
Partners and part-timers can take leave until the child reaches three years of age.
・Parental Care Leave
This allowance is paid for the purpose of showing appreciation and respect to parents.
・Other Programs
・Family Support System (Pregnancy Support)
・Childbirth Special Payment

Welfare facilities of GMO Internet Group

Co-existence with the Community

Basic View

The Company strives to find harmony with the community, both local and global, as a good corporate citizen and also strives to sustainably raise corporate value through the relationship of trust built with our stakeholders. In addition, the Company endeavors to create a sustainable society by actively promoting social contribution for the realization of a prosperous and comfortably livable global community. All the consolidated global companies of GMO-PG will work to deepen the contribution to the priority areas of international exchanges (community contribution), education (talent development), and environment, and not just on economic contribution, including involving employee participation in these endeavors.
As a member of the GMO Internet Group, we uphold the principle of conduct of Venture Spirit Declaration, which stipulates that “We aim to redefine the industry and foster a vibrant Internet culture. We believe in the importance of contributing to society and as a group, we continually seek to inspire enthusiasm in our customers and put smiles on their faces.”

Community Initiatives

The Company is promoting investments and loans to FinTech companies advancing financial inclusion and thereby contributing to the local community primarily in Southeast Asia and India. Additionally, the Company strives to contribute to the advancement of small-to-medium sized business operators and improving living standards of the middle class by providing services such as P2P lending platform, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), microfinance, and other financial services that leverage technology.
The Company carried out workplace vaccination drive for partners and their family members, vendors, and members of local business community by collaborating with GMO Internet Group according to the government’s policy regarding workplace vaccination for COVID-19.
In addition, the Company is working to revitalize the local community by developing a cashless environment for the local area and its business operators.

Provide impact finance to FinTech companies (microfinance) that promote financial inclusion

Local Recruitment

The Company is actively recruiting highly skilled local talent in order to expand the Payment Processing Business and Money Service Business in the 8 countries spanning Japan, Asia, and North America. In addition, the Company is working to localize business operations through local procurement of the necessary services required to expand our businesses, such as collaborations with the local financial institutions and payment processing companies.