Convenient payment system for subscription sales and recurring payments

Convenient payment system for
subscription sales and recurring payments

▼ What is a payments system for subscription sales and recurring payments?
By enabling recurring purchases, this payment system makes it possible to confirm in advance the ability to collect payment and increases the certainty of billing. Moreover, since it is not necessary to process authorization if the amount is under the floor limit(*1), operating efficiency is also increased.
(*1) For credit card payments which exceed a certain amount, it is necessary to contact the credit card company regarding each payment, perform authorization (secure the usage amount from the credit limit), and obtain an authorization number. “Floor limit” refers to the reference amount in such cases.

Payment methods using the recurring payment function(*2)(*3)

Credit Card Payment

Account transfer service

Carries billing

(*2) au Kantan Kessai (Easy Payment) doesn't support the recurring payment function from feature phones.

(*3) SoftBank Matomete Shiharai (Mobile Payment) doesn't support the recurring payment function.

Image of use

Recurring payment + account update(*4) operation

At the time of initial purchase/application, the validity of the credit card is checked (account update) and a member ID is issued only for valid cards. For the second and subsequent transactions, an account update and sales processing are performed at the time of payment/recurring transactions, and payment is made.

(*4) Refers to processing for monthly checks to ensure the validity of the credit card held by the cardholder. Necessary when businesses provide services using recurring payments.

Ideal for the following types of billing by E-commerce businesses:

  • ・Provider fees
  • ・Cable television fees
  • ・Insurance premiums
  • ・Periodic shipments
  • ・Distribution associations/periodic payments

and other types of monthly payment services.

Procedure before introducing the service

1. Contact/request for materials

Please contact us using the request form or by phone. We will send you free materials about payment services best suitable for your business. According to your request, our sales representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Note that it takes from three weeks to two months to start the operation. This period includes: initial application, merchant screening, ID issuing, and system integration.
We provide detailed consultations and accept requests regarding our payment services.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

It is also possible to use the system in the test environment and download specifications.

Test environment enables you to conduct a preliminary test upon introducing “PG Multi-Payment Service”.
We also provide specification documents, manuals, and administration dashboard that is necessary for processing various payment methods (test operation).

2. Documents to submit

Please submit following documents when applying.

When using the Representative Contract with merchants:
  • 1) PG Multi-Payment Service application
  • 2) The register of the company (copy)
  • 3) Materials presenting your products/services
  • 4) Merchant information form
  • 5) Internal check form
  • 6) Notation content based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions
  • 7) Application and license to each competent government office.
  • *Some of the above documents are not required, when a web page is already being operated.
  • *Please contact our sales representative for more information.
When using the Direct Contract with merchants:
  • 1) PG Multi-Payment Service application
  • 2) Merchant information form

3. Merchant screening and registration

In case of Representative Contract with merchants, each acquirer conducts the merchant screening via GMO-PG.

4. Delivering the production environment

We will notify you about production environment settings via e-mail as soon as the system connection between an acquirer and GMO-PG is set.

5. Connection test in the production environment

You conduct the connection test in the production environment.

6. The start of full-scale operation

Service operations start.

  • *The period before the operations start varies, depending on your development tasks.
  • *PayPal introduction differs from other installation processes. After the merchant screening is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal. You need to reply back by typing an authentication code. After that, the production environment will be provided.