"GMO B2B Pay on Credit",
Received the highest rank "Leader" in the "ITreview Grid Award 2022 Summer" billing agency category

July 13, 2022

GMO Payment Service, Inc.

GMO is the GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. consolidated company in the Internet Group GMO Payment Service, Inc. (President & Chief Executive Officer: Katsunari Mukai hereinafter referred to as "GMO-PS") provides a buy now pay laterpayment service for BtoB transactions" GMO B2B Pay on Credit" is a company that awards products that have been supported based on product reviews. ITreview Grid Award 2022 Summer" (Organizer: ITcrowd Corp. In the billing agency category, we received the highest rank "Leader".

"GMO B2B Pay on Credit", "ITreview Grid Award 2022 Summer" Received the highest rank "Leader" in the billing agency category


At GMO-PS accounts receivable payment, "real-time credit" and "real-time credit" and " Industry's lowest level of commissions (*1) and GMO B2B Pay on Credit with abundant Optional Services has been available since November 2020, and is used by a wide range of merchants regardless of company size and industry.
Reflecting requests and consultations from affiliated stores and BtoB businesses considering introduction, we are continuously adding Optional Services and updating the management screen, etc. This time, "GMO B2B Pay on Credit" is called "ITreview Grid Award 2022 Summer In the billing agency category, we received the "Leader" award, a service that received high praise for both recognition and customer satisfaction.
GMO-PS will continue to provide "GMO B2B Pay on Credit" to many BtoB businesses with the aim of reducing billing-related operations and realizing DX.

  • *1 GMO-PS research (as of July 13, 2022)

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【About the ITreview Grid Award】

The ITreview Grid Award is a place to award products that have been supported by users once a quarter based on reviews posted on ITreview, one of the largest IT product and SaaS review sites in Japan operated by ITcrowd Corp.. We are pleased to announce the results of the reviews published by June 2022 as 2022 Summer.
"ITreview Grid Award 2022 Summer Based on approximately 85,000 reviews collected in ITreview, products with excellent both customer satisfaction and recognition are recognized as "Leader" and badges are issued. The Leader of ITreview is a proof that it has already gained the support of many users, and it is regarded as an honorable title.

[About "GMO B2B Pay on Credit"]


"GMO B2B Pay on Credit" is for BtoB transactions provided by GMO-PS buy now pay later payment service.
It can be used for all BtoB transactions regardless of whether it is online (EC) or offline (face-to-face), such as business partners of route sales who use it regularly regardless of whether it is a corporation or a sole proprietorship or a customer who uses a subscription-type service (*2).
GMO-PS acts on behalf of GMO-PS for operations such as credit check, invoice issuance, payment management, and dunning when payment is not made, so business operators can improve the efficiency of billing-related operations. In addition, regardless of the payment status of the business partner, GMO-PS bears the risk of non-collection of the price, and the transaction accounts receivable for one month will be deposited on the designated date (*3).

■ Features of "GMO B2B Pay on Credit"
1. Real-time credit Since it implements real-time credit check, it prevents withdrawal with smooth payment without waiting for business partners (buyer companies).
2. Abundant Optional Services

We offer a wide range of Optional Services that can be optimally customized according to your company's operations.

■ Main Optional Services
・ Early Payment Service : payment of sales on the 5th business day of the following month earlier than the specified date
・ Individual invoice issuance service : Issue individual invoice before the closing date, instead of issuing invoice one month's transactions
・ payment deadline extension service : Extend the payment deadline of the business partner (buyer company) up to 6 months later
・ Frame-guaranteed transaction service : Since the available limit is set between the business operator and its business partner (buyer company), the business partner (buyer company) can payment without worrying about the purchase amount of other business partners.
・ Collection agency service : GMO-PS will take over the subsequent invoice issuance and payment management even for transactions that did not pass the credit check.
・ Periodic billing service : Ideal for billing SaaS services as you can bill regularly once you register
3. Industry's lowest rate payment fees, fixed costs, invoice issuance costs, transfer fees, etc. are all at the lowest level in the industry (* 1). Please refer to the following URL for the details of the charges.
  • (* 2) GMO-PS screening is required for the use of "GMO B2B Pay on Credit".
  • (* 3) Transactions that have passed the credit check by GMO-PS and have been completed normally are eligible.

【GMO Payment Service】

GMO-PS is a consolidated company of GMO Payment Gateway, which develops comprehensive payment-related and finance-related services, for BtoC EC transactions buy now pay later payment service "GMO Payment After Delivery" and buy now pay later for BtoB transactions We provide payment service "GMO B2B Pay on Credit". It is used by many businesses due to its provision of real-time credit, the industry's lowest level of rates, and a system that can be customized according to the operation of the operator.
Going forward, we will continue to aim to be a company that contributes to society and people through Internet and payment services, and strive to develop and provide services that EC businesses and purchasers can use more safely and conveniently.

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Corporate Name GMO Payment Service, Inc.
Location 1-14-6 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Humax Shibuya Building
Representative President & Chief Executive Officer Katsunari Mukai
Business Description ■ payment processing services and EC peripheral services
Capital 150 million yen

[GMO Payment Gateway, Inc., Ltd.] (URL:

Corporate Name GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE Prime Securities Code: 3769)
Location 1-2-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Fukurasu
Representative President & Chief Executive Officer Issei Ainoura
Business Description ■ Comprehensive payment related services and finance related services
Capital 13,323 million yen

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Corporate Name GMO Internet, Inc. (TSE Prime Securities Code: 9449)
Location Cerulean Tower 26-1, Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Representative Director and Group Representative Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description ■ Internet infrastructure business
■ Internet advertising / media business
■ Internet finance business
■ Cryptographic assets business
Capital 5 billion yen