Added "au PAY" to the receipt method of "GMO-PG Remittance Service"
~Four pick-up methods to choose from, responding to the receiving needs of users~

September 15, 2022

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

The GMO Internet Group will develop comprehensive payment-related and finance-related services. GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE Prime: Securities Code: 3769, President & Chief Executive Officer: Issei Ainoura hereinafter referred to as GMO-PG) In the "GMO-PG Remittance Service" that can efficiently and inexpensively perform refund and remittance operations provided for EC and online service providers, business operators (purchasers and users) "au PAY" will be added to the method of receiving refund and remittances from today, September 15, 2022 (Thursday).
As a result, businesses using "GMO-PG Remittance Service" will be able to pay for refund and crowdsourcing when canceling products and services. In refund and remittances in payment, etc., according to the needs of the user's receiving method, "Bank transfer", "ATM cash receipt service", "Amazon gift certificate" that you can receive at Seven Bank ATM, and " It will be possible to provide four ways of receiving au PAY".

Added "au PAY" to the receipt method of "GMO-PG Remittance Service"

【Background and Summary】

In the EC and online service business, refund when canceling products and services, remittances to flea market application sellers, ticket refunds, crowdsourcing reward payment s, cash back for campaigns, etc refund ・Remittance situations are diversifying and increasing. Under such circumstances, GMO-PG will accurately and speedily substitute "GMO-PG Remittance Service" for the complicated business of refund and remittance from the business operator to the user, It is provided for EC and online service providers.
GMO-PG has expanded the methods of receiving user refund and remittances under the "GMO-PG Remittance Service" so that operators can meet the diverse receiving needs of consumers, and has announced that the "au PAY" As a result, EC and online service providers using GMO-PG Remittance Service will be able to use the conventional " as a way to receive users' refund and remittances. In addition to Bank transfer", "ATM cash receipt service", and "Amazon gift certificates", "au PAY and will be able to respond to the diversifying needs of users in how to receive them.

【About receipt at "au PAY"】

This is a function that allows the user to select the "au PAY balance" as the recipient for refund and remittance sent from the EC / online service provider to the user (purchaser / user). After depositing, you can use it as it is for payment at "au PAY". "au PAY" has more than 5.28 million points (*1) It is a smartphone payment service that can be used at payment affiliated stores, QR/barcode payment at real stores, invoice It supports online payment such as payment and online shopping.
After confirming the contents of the refund / remittance in "au PAY" from the EC / online service provider or GMO-PG, the user will confirm the authentication code notified by the EC / online service provider on the remittance destination input form and Enter your au PAY membership number (*2). The refund and remittance amount will be reflected in the "au PAY balance" immediately 365 days a year (*3).

  • As of the end of June 2022
  • The input information varies depending on the remittance instruction method adopted by the business operator in the "au PAY".
  • There is a possibility of delay due to system malfunction or maintenance.

【About "GMO-PG Remittance Service" 】


"GMO-PG Remittance Service" is refund ・ It is a service for EC / online service providers that accurately and speedily substitutes for complicated operations caused by remittances. By automatic systematization by API linkage and batch upload of files from the management screen (information acquisition such as e-mail address is required), complicated management work is eliminated, and it is possible to efficiently refund and remit money. In addition, transfer and remittance fees can also be provided at a lower cost compared to postal money orders and remittance counters of each financial institution. refund / Remittance method is "Bank transfer", Seven Bank you can receive at ATMs There are four types available: ATM cash receipt service, Amazon Gift Certificates, and au PAY, and businesses can refund in a way that suits their situation and the needs of their users. ・ It is possible to send money. If the Operator has prepared multiple refund and remittance methods, the User can select the desired receipt method from the screen prepared by the Operator or GMO-PG.
"GMO-PG Remittance Service" is GMO-PG Funds Transfer Service Provider register (registration number: Kanto Local Finance Bureau License No. 00037) and provide, It is a Remittance Service based on Funds Transfer Service. You can use the remittance (refund) funds you have deposited with peace of mind because they are protected in accordance with the Fund payment Act.

【GMO Payment Gateway】

Comprehensive to more than 100,000 affiliated stores such as online businesses such as online shops, NHK, public entity national tax Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, etc. We provide payment-related services and finance-related services. Focusing on payment services, we utilize value-added services and finance technologies that contribute to the growth of franchisees payment method and provide services to meet funding needs, and the annual Transaction value exceeds 10 trillion yen. (Consolidated figures as of the end of June 2022)
As a leading company in the payment industry, we will provide various types of services to operating companies and financial institution that promote cashless and DX. Provision of payment and finance-related solutions and platforms, infrastructure of payments We are doing such as: We are also promoting global expansion such as the development of payment-related services overseas and strategic investment and financing of cutting-edge FinTech companies overseas. We will continue to drive new innovations and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the progress and development of society.

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