Three new services added to 'GMO-PG Processing Platform'
to support BaaS in financial institution such as Banks, Credit Card Companies, etc.
- Supporting the realization of BaaS and finance business development through the provision of ASP services -

April 5, 2022

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

GMO Internet Group develops comprehensive payment-related services and finance-related services GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE Prime: Securities Code 3769, President & Chief Executive Officer: Issei Ainoura, hereinafter GMO-PG) ASP services that support BaaS (Banking as a Service) (*1) in financial institution such as banks and credit card companies "GMO-PG Processing Platform", "Rushing Gateway Service", "Network Service", and "FEP (*2) Service" three new services will be available today, Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

<Services to be added to "GMO-PG Processing Platform ">
Ishing Gateway Service Services that provide functions necessary for the initializing of various cards, such as card number management and brand network connection
Network Services Services that provide external connectivity with each network required for finance card business deployment
FEP Services Services that provide external connection functions and authorization functions necessary for card transactions, etc.

  • *1 The finance licensed organization shall provide finance functions as services (APIs).
  • *2 short for "Front End Processor". A system that a card company needs to connect to an external network.

Three new services added to "GMO-PG Processing Platform"

【Background and Summary】

in order to create a cashless society, financial institution such as banks and credit card companies are strengthening their efforts to baaS, which provides finance functions as a service. Since 2017, GMO-PG has been providing GMO-PG Processing Platform to support BaaS.
In recent years, when financial institution banks, credit card companies, etc. implement system changes or start new businesses, there is a need for speed by the start of business, but the stability of many investments and systems in security measures is required.
Against this background, GMO-PG is a new business operator that possesses financial institution and finance functions such as banks and credit card companies. In order to reduce the cost of finance service deployment and finance business as a whole, Three new services have been added to GMO-PG Processing Platform.

■Ishing Gateway Service

This service provides the functions necessary for finance card access, such as card number management, brand network connection, and vendor connection, so that you can develop your own business more easily by utilizing your own infrastructure and existing finance functions. By using this service, when issuing new credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards, new infrastructure of payments by utilizing the assets owned by the company's system It is possible to build. In addition, since the card information is managed by GMO-PG, the scope of PCI DSS support can be minimized, greatly reducing the security response load in the dealing business.

■Network services

finance network and connection with related service providers necessary for business development (Ishua, Acquirela, international brands, credit information agencies, banks, printing companies, TSP (*3) such as) is a service that provides. Since GMO-PG connects according to the specifications of each network, for example, it is possible to directly connect directly to each network and related service providers, easily reducing costs and connecting to various interfaces. In addition, since it is possible to add a connection destination at any time, multiple connections can be realized at a low price.

  • A company that stands for "Token Service Provider" and provides a system for converting card numbers and tokens.

■FEP Services

This service provides a authorization function with a foreign connection system necessary for card transactions, etc. With high processing capacity and availability, we can achieve stable operation of systems with reduced load on core systems even as transaction volume increases.

In addition, in the future, the GMO-PG Processing Platform will buy now pay later We will expand our services to a wide range of services, including the addition of solutions that can build infrastructure of payments.

[About "GMO-PG Processing Platform"]


Since 2017, GMO-PG will support baaS and new finance business development in financial institution such as banks and credit card companies. GMO-PG Processing Platform" is provided.
"GMO-PG Processing Platform" is a type of card (credit card, debit card, prepaid card, house card) regardless of face-to-face or non-face-to-face (EC) Five payment solutions to support acquiring, including network connectivity and business management It consists of common infrastructure.
All solution common infrastructure are provided via API, so you can use them without slowing down the time to start your business. In addition, GMO-PG's know-how and knowledge based on online transaction Actual can be utilized to reduce the overall business costs of operators.
GMO-PG systems are fully compliant with PCI DSS, a global credit card security standard.

【GMO Payment Gateway】

We provide comprehensive payment-related services and finance-related services to more than 100,000 member stores, including online businesses such as online shops, NHK, the national tax, and public entity such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. With a focus on payment services, we provide value-added services that contribute to the growth of franchisees, payment method that utilize finance technology, and services that meet financial needs, and the annual Transaction value exceeds 8 trillion yen. (Consolidated figures as of the end of December 2021)
As a leading company in the payment industry, we provide various payment / finance-related solutions and platforms to business companies and financial institution that promote cashless and DX, and build infrastructure of payments. We are also promoting global expansion such as overseas payment-related service development and strategic investment and financing for leading-edge FinTech companies overseas. We will continue to drive new innovations and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and the progress and development of society.

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