Online Payment Service" PG Multi-Payment Service" will start offering the Visa token service from this summer

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

March 29, 2024

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "GMO-PG") will be compatible with the "Visa Token Service (hereinafter referred to as VTS"), which is provided globally by the VISA Group, from early April 2024 on Online Payment Service" PG Multi-Payment Service", and will be available from this summer.

VTS is built on the payment token standard set forth by EMVCo, an international brand-led card industry group, that replaces sensitive information such as an individual's credit card number and credit card expiration date with a unique token (digital identifier). This allows merchants to payment without retaining the cardholder's confidential information. When card information is transferred on merchant, payment processing company, acquirer, or partner servers, the Visa card number is replaced with a unique token, so the merchant's information is protected in the unlikely event of a data breach.
In addition to this enhanced security, financial institution updates the information of credit card holders who are exposed to risks such as expired credit cards, theft or loss, and fraud in the background, eliminating the need for re-washing operations that were previously carried out on the merchant side, and enabling real-time data updates.
GMO-PG aims to further strengthen the security of merchants and improve the UX of end users through the provision of VTS in "PG Multi-Payment Service".

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