We will be speaking at
Developer Tech Conference
"GMO Developers Day 2022~Add on Technology Expansion to a New World~"

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

November 28, 2022

GMO Internet Group will hold a two-day tech conference for developers, "GMO Developers Day 2022" on December 6 (Tue) and 7 (Wed), 2022 GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. and 10 members of Group companies will take the stage for talk sessions and speaker sessions.

We will speak at the tech conference for developers "GMO Developers Day 2022~Add on Technology Expansion to a New World~"

Please see "Overview" for details.

Title GMO Developers Day 2022 ~Add on Technology Expansion to a New World~
Schedule December 6 (Tue) and 7 (Wed), 2022 13:00 start and 19:00 end on both days
Place Hybrid session: 34 sessions (9 of which were presented)
Online / Venue: Shibuya FUKULAS 16F / GMO Yours / FUKURAS
Participating Sessions

【December 6 (Tue)】
〇Keynote Session
・13:10~14:00: CTO Talk ~ Technical Managers Meeting
〇 Talk Session
・15:10~16:00: Career path to PdM and role in current organization
・16:10~17:00: Front-end developed for No.1 service
〇 Speaker Session
・17:20~17:40: Behind the scenes of the introduction of "GMO-PG Processing Platform"
・ 17:40~18:00: "Can't search!" Improve the UX of the 7000-page user manual!

【December 7 (Wed)】
〇 Talk Session
・15:00~15:50: Female engineers talk about our careers
・16:00~16:50: Dialogue with Data Scientist ~What is data science that only GMO can do~
・17:00~17:50: Leader in 2 years with the company! Young engineers who will lead the next future
・18:00~18:50: Cloud-native session