Chat-based payment service

Chat-based payment service

▼Chat-based payment service

・ Support provided for business operators and partner companies developing and implementing the “payment function enabled chat” service by utilizing the payment services of GMO Payment Gateway group and the patent owned by GMO Payment Gateway.
・Business operators can launch new services and improve conversion rates from their EC site with this service that enables payment to be completed by inputting the required payment information on the chat screen UI without being redirected to another screen.
A.Partner companies intending to develop customized chat-based payment function for their clients or business operators
→Explanation will be provided regarding the method of implementation of payment services and the outline of the patent. Referral to an software development company is also available in case the actual development is outsourced to an external company.
B.Business operators and partner companies intending to offer the chat-based payment function on their proprietary website/service
→ Referrals to our partner companies that can provide a ready-made chat-based payment function.

Benefits of chat-based payment function service

1. Seamless payment service as the payment procedures can be completed on the chat screen without being redirected to another screen (credit card payment, GMO Payment After Delivery).

2. Improves the conversion ratio on EC site.

3. Comprehensive support is provided for implementation (e.g. referral to software development company, etc.) based on GMO Payment Gateway’s patent.

Cautionary note on the service

1. GMO Payment Gateway does not directly provide the chat-based payment service but provides a comprehensive support for licensing of our patent and support for implementation. We will introduce “qualva payment” to business operators and partner companies intending to utilize the chat-based payment function.

2. Note that payment method such as convenience store payment where payment cannot be completed on a chat screen.

GMO Payment Gateway is the owner of the payment-processing patent*1 called “completing payment on chat screens”.
To contribute to the promotion and dissemination of chat-based payment function, business operators and partner companies can license the patent free of cost, in principle, etc.*2

*1 Patent number 6318432: Payment processing system and method.
*2 Discussions on the contract method will be required.