IT-One and GMO-PG Commence Joint Appraisal Test service at
“Data Innovation Labo”
- Appraising the Viability of Conceptual-stage Big Data Use -

June 7, 2019

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (GMO-PG), a member of GMO Internet group, develops comprehensive payment-related services and financial-related services, and IT-One Co. Ltd. (IT-One) have jointly launched the “Data Innovation Labo” from June 7 2019, which provides to support services for Big Data use at enterprises and organizations globally. IT-One specializes in IT system development and is a member of Mitsubishi Research Institute.
“Data Innovation Labo” services consists of providing Proof of Concept (PoC) tests to verify the viability and applicability of Big Data solutions still in the conceptual stage, specifically by conducting end-to-end Big Data analytics from designing to test verifications. This service will be initially be available to GMO-PG's online EC merchants and financial institutions.

Launching the Data Innovation Labo-Supporting your Big Data potential Jointlly established by IT-One & GMO-PG

【Background and Overview】

There is a growing focus on the business potential of diverse Big Data that goes beyond the scope of personal data, such as online transactions and behavioral history, thanks to advancements in IT and its widespread application.
Despite this, only 12% of all Japanese corporations have adequately systems and resources to utilize Big Data, and only 9% are capable to handle advanced data processing and analytics such as deep learning*. Such low numbers are due to human capital constrains for data scientists and system engineers that carry out such tasks.
GMO-PG has been collaborating with IT-One since 2014 in conducting joint research into business applications of data technology in the payment and finance-related sectors. Thanks to this collaboration, GMO-PG and IT-One have gained extensive know-how and expertise from the numerous tests and will be leveraging these for the “Data Innovation Labo”, which aims to support Big Data use at enterprises and institutions globally.
The “Data Innovation Labo” engages in support enterprises and organizations that are in the conceptual stage of utilizing Big Data. By verifying the viability/applicability prior to making large development investments, enterprises and institutions can develop their in-house Big Data solutions through the optimal allocation of investments and despite the human resource constraints for data scientists and system engineers.
GMO-PG, together with IT-One, is strive to create new technological innovations and new value creation.

* RIETI Discussion Paper Series 18-J-028 titled “Empirical Study on the Management and Utilization of Data Generated by Industry” September 2018.

【“Data Innovation Labo”】

“Data Innovation Labo” is a joint-organization by IT-One and GMO-PG and is charged with the mission to assist enterprises/institutions to leverage their data. “Data Innovation Labo” provides services to corporates and institutions that are still at the conceptual stage of Big Data usage, by offering appraisal test processes (including its design, analytics and verification) on the viability and applicability of their Big Data business concept. This service will initially target EC operators that use GMO-PG's payment processing and/or finance-related services.
The appraisal test process will utilize both IT-One's technical expertise in the development and implementation of system infrastructure, and GMO-PG's skills on analytical models and methods gained through the payment processing and finance-related businesses.


Under the corporate philosophy of “Company Motto: social contribution through advanced technology" and “Basic Principle: Sincerity & Reliance”, IT-One has contributed to expanding the customer's business through IT systems for over 20 years since its founding in 1998. Since becoming a group member of Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc. in 2011, we have leveraged our core strength in social infrastructure technology to expand into app development and cloud services and further into cutting-edge areas of AI and block chain technology. IT-One will tirelessly strive to be a contributing member of society by deploying its wide-range of technology from mainframes to the latest technology.

【GMO Payment Gateway】

GMO-PG is Japan's leading provider of comprehensive payment-related services and financial services to 133,199 merchants (as of end-March, 2019) consisting of EC operators as well as non-EC operators such as NHK and public institutions such as National Tax Agency and Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Total transaction value exceeds \3 trillion, mainly from the core payment processing service as well as value-added services that contribute to the merchant's growth.
GMO-PG is expanding businesses to include offline payment processing that would encompass IoT, and Fintech services such as lending, Payment after Delivery and solutions to financial institutions; all of which are expected to contribute to drive Japan's cashless. We are also pursuing global expansion through capital alliances with overseas firms and through rolling out our PSP and financial-related services in overseas markets.
GMO-PG aims to be the highly-secure, comprehensive and convenient payment processing infrastructure in Japan by continuing to lead the innovations.

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