GMO-PG supported the launch of a B2B payment term extension service
on “aperza e-commerce” for the expansion of the B2B E-commerce market
in the manufacturing industry
-“Paid” customized by GMO-PG and Raccoon Financial
for 6 month payment term extension -

November 15, 2018

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.(GMO-PG) of the GMO Internet Group, which develops comprehensive payment-related services and financial-related services, today announced that the "Paid" service for credit payments (deferred payment) exclusive to B2B transactions on GMO-PG's integrated payment service "PG Multi-Payment Service" has been customized for "aperza e-commerce", an E-commerce online marketplace specializing in producer goods that is operated by Aperza,Inc.(Aperza) and launched on Thursday, November 15, 2018 .

The customization of the "Paid" service was jointly carried out with the service provider Raccoon Financial, Inc.(Raccoon Financial), and it will be launched under the name "Aperza Choki Atobarai TM",which allows the payment term to be extended up to 6 months following the invoice closing date.
For manufacturers1 that purchase products using this service, a settlement date of 6 months after the invoice closing date will reduce the impact on cash flow caused by the time difference between paying for purchased goods required for the production of orders and receiving payments from clients for final products, which will enable the construction of a stable system for order reception and production.

1. Users must pass the credit screening by Raccoon Financial to use this service. A credit limit will be determined after the screening.

GMO-PG supported the launch of a B2B payment
term extension service on 'aperza e-commerce'

【Background and Overview】

In 2017, the domestic B2B E-commerce market in Japan grew by 9.0% year-on-year to 317.2 trillion JPY2 and it continues to increase. In the B2B E-commerce market, GMO-PG has contributed to market expansion by providing an integrated payment service named "PG Multi-Payment Service" for B2B E-commerce operators, deploying payment services linked with B2B shopping cart systems, and offering "payment service packages for B2B E-commerce operators" including optimal payment systems such as "Paid" from Raccoon Financial.
Meanwhile, Aperza operates various web services specialized for the manufacturing industry, including "aperza e-commerce", an E-commerce online marketplace specializing in producer goods that was officially launched in October 2018. In developing these services, Aperza became aware that, in the manufacturing industry, and especially for small- and mid-sized manufacturers, there is a significant issue in that it can take months for funds to be received after delivering an order, which causes a time difference between payment and income particularly when a client uses bills payable to extend the payment term. Bills payable cannot be cashed promptly and may adversely affect the cash flow of a manufacturer due to the time delay until the collection of receivables.
In order to solve this issue, Aperza has studied potential services to eliminate cash flow burdens on manufacturers that purchase the goods required to manufacture ordered products. In support of Aperza, GMO-PG has cooperated with Raccoon Financial, which operates the "Paid" service on the "PG Multi-Payment Service," to customize "Paid" for "aperza e-commerce" as a B2B payment term extension service that allows the payment term to be extended up to 6 months following the invoice closing date. The customized "Paid" service was launched today as "Aperza Choki Atobarai TM" through "aperza e-commerce", which is operated by Aperza.

In the future, GMO-PG aims to support the multilateral growth of B2B E-commerce operators in various industries including manufacturers in the fields of both payment and financing.

2. Based on METI's FY2017 Survey of Infrastructure Development Status for Data-driven Society in Japan (E-Commerce Market Survey)

【Aperza Choki Atobarai TM

For manufacturers (purchasers) that purchase products, this service enables the payment term to be extended up to 6 months following the invoice closing date for the purchase of industrial goods such as components and parts required for manufacturing ordered products, which improves cash flow and helps to construct a stable system for order reception and production. For distributors (sellers) that sell products, because sales amounts are received at the end of the following month through "aperza e-commerce", this service eliminates concerns over the effect on cash flow caused by the time difference between buying-in and receiving proceeds, and concerns about the risk of bad credit due to default, etc. Receivables from purchasers will be collected by Raccoon Financial on behalf of sellers.


Aperza is a start-up founded in 2016 that operates Internet services specialized for the manufacturing industry. Aperza has built a database of millions of industrial supplies and provides information about industrial goods including price, inventory, and delivery time. In October 2018, Aperza launched Japan's first E-commerce online marketplace specializing in producer goods. It aims to contribute to the establishment of a new industry structure by using the power of the Internet to eliminate three major barriers of the industry: Distribution of information, trading practices, and communication.

【Raccoon Financial】

Raccoon Financial is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raccoon Holdings, Inc. (TSE, Security Code: 3031), a B2B infrastructure service provider. Currently, it engages in two fields of finance: "Payment" and "credit guarantee." In the payment business, Raccoon Financial acts as representative in all billing procedures in its "Paid" service, a B2B deferred payment service. In the credit guarantee business, Raccoon Financial offers "T&G Accounts Receivables Guarantee," "URIHO," and a "Rent Guarantee Service." Using its strengths in financial know-how and technological development, Raccoon Financial has developed proprietary AI-based screening schemes that process about 100,000 screenings per year for SMBs and sole proprietors. Raccoon Financial optimizes billing operations, supports the improvement of financing, and contributes to the expansion of corporate business.

【GMO Payment Gateway】

GMO-PG offers comprehensive payment services and financial services to 102,848 merchants (as of September, 2018), including online retailers, operators who collect recurring monthly payments such as NHK (the public broadcaster), and public organizations such as National Tax Agency and Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The Transaction value has exceeded \3 trillion yen not only through our core payment service but also the value-added services that contribute to the growth of the merchant's business. Thus, as a leading Payment Service Provider (PSP) company, we offer Fintech services such as cashless solutions to Financial Institutions, Payment after Delivery (PaD), and lending services and is expanding into the Card-present payment services business. We are actively pursuing overseas expansion not only through capital and business alliances with overseas PSPs but to rollout payment and money services directly in the overseas markets.
GMO-PG aims to offer a convenient and secure payment infrastructure to both consumers and businesses, driven by new innovations to realize an EC and a cashless society.

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