GMO Payment Gateway to Provide Payment Services for
Digital Signage from Tobishima Group and Zenrin Group’s Will Smart
-Support for E-Commerce at Construction Sites through Payment Services-

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

October 18, 2018

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE 1st Section: 3769, President and Representative Director Issei Ainoura, hereinafter, "GMO-PG") of the GMO Internet Group, which develops comprehensive payment-related services and financial-related services, will provide payment services for the "e-Stand" platform from the Tobishima Group (President Masahiro Norikyo, hereinafter, "Tobishima Group") and Zenrin Group's Will Smart Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Yasuhiro Ishii, hereinafter, "Will Smart"), which is being launched on October 22, 2018. "e-Stand" combines various content services and e-commerce functionality that contribute to work style reform at construction sites.

Through its payment services, moving forward GMO-PG aims to increase E-commerce proliferation in Japan by supporting businesses that implement E-commerce in new markets.

Support for E-Commerce at Construction Sites through Payment Services

【Background and Overview】

As of 2017, the size of the B2C E-commerce market in Japan was 16.5 trillion yen (9.1% year-on-year increase), and the rate of E-commerce adoption was 5.79% (0.36 percentage point year-on-year increase), reflecting a growth in E-commerce. 1
Amidst this backdrop, at construction sites people can find themselves in situations in which there are no available places nearby to purchase tools or boxed lunches during break times. In addition, it can be difficult to specify a construction site as the delivery address for online orders from typical Internet stores. Given this situation, new E-commerce services are needed.
To address this, starting on October 22, 2018, the Tobishima Group and Will Smart will introduce the "e-Stand" platform that offers various services that lead to greater productivity and convenience at construction sites. Tools and boxed lunches ordered from "e-Stand" will be delivered directly to the construction site, so this can be expected to lead to greater convenience and efficiency in operations. By providing payment services for "e-Stand"'s E-commerce feature, GMO-PG is supporting greater use of E-commerce at construction sites.

Moving forward, GMO-PG will contribute to increased E-commerce adoption in Japan by offering comprehensive payment and financial services for businesses implementing E-commerce in new markets.

1 METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) FY2017 Survey of Infrastructure Development Status for Data-driven Society in Japan (E-Commerce Market Survey)


"e-Stand" is a platform jointly developed by the Tobishima Group and Will Smart that combines a system supporting work style reform with E-commerce functionality. Various services that promote greater productivity and convenience at construction sites will be offered via digital signage and a smartphone app.

■E-Commerce Functionality

People working at construction sites can use their own smartphone to scan a two-dimensional barcode displayed at an "e-Stand" installed on-site. After selecting and placing an order for desired tools or boxed lunches on the smartphone, delivery of items can be received at the construction site. By combining this with e pal BOX (delivery locker) that has already been developed by the Tobishima Group, unattended receipt of delivery of products at the construction site will also be possible. In addition, purchases can be made not only by credit card payment 2, but also by selecting "carrier payment," through which purchases are paid as part of the monthly mobile phone bill. Thus, purchases can be made without cash at the construction site.
Midori Anzen Co., Ltd., Asics Trading Co., Ltd., Makita Corporation (through distributors), and Tamagoya Co.,Ltd. have been chosen to sell tools and boxed lunches on "e-Stand".

2 Once credit card information has been input, all subsequent payments can be made by simply entering a password.

■Services Supporting Work Style Reform

In addition to E-commerce functionality, "e-Stand" also supports work style reform through a service that accurately records entry and exit information of each staff member by scanning each person's iris data through an iris scanner separate from digital signage, as well as a service providing educational content for staff members. These services help monitor the diligence and attendance of staff members and contribute to increased productivity. In addition, in the future by linking this data with the Career Up System, being developed by the government to aggregate information on experiences of staff members, a more comprehensive understanding of the attendance status and work habits of staff members will become possible.

【Tobishima Group】

Founded in 1883, the Tobishima Group operates under the motto of "Disaster protection Tobishima" as it contributes to creating a safer and more peaceful society by improving the disaster protection and disaster lessening technologies it possesses. In addition to its primary businesses in engineering and construction, the company operates a solutions business that provides total support for everything from planning, design, and construction to operational and maintenance management for various construction related investments such as for disaster protection and environmental requirements.

【Will Smart】

Will Smart Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 as an in-house venture company of Zenrin DataCom Co., Ltd. Will Smart is a new maker of the 21st century that offers optimal business solutions to client businesses by combining digital signage and IoT planning, development, and manufacturing with software that uses map data specialized in by the Zenrin Group. Moving forward, the company aims not only to offer solutions, but together with clients and business partners, to also construct leading-edge and creative services and systems that utilize IoT.

【GMO Payment Gateway】

GMO-PG offers comprehensive payment-related services and financial services to 93,450 establishments (GMO-PG Group as of the end of June 2018) including internet shops and other online vendors, operators that charge monthly fees and subscription services like NHK, the National Tax Agency, and public organizations such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
As the leading company in the payment industry with over 3 trillion yen processed in payments annually, it focuses on payment services, while offering value-added services like online advertisement services that are conducive to the sales growth of merchants and the financing of merchants that promote growth by providing financial support. In addition, it is expanding its business field by providing solutions to financial institutions, offering overseas payment services, as well as forming capital and business alliances with overseas payment companies.
GMO-PG strives to become the infrastructure of payment processes by realizing safe and convenient payments for both the consumer and the operator. It will be the driving force behind innovation as it continues its contributions to increasing the rate of E-commerce and promotes the trend toward making it cashless.

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