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PAYSLE Payment Launches: Pay at Convenience Stores with a Smartphone App
-Addition to Convenience Store Payment and Payment via Payment Slip Offers More Options-

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

August 30, 2018

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (TSE 1st Section: 3769, President and Representative Director Issei Ainoura, hereinafter, "GMO-PG") of the GMO Internet Group added PAYSLE, a service offered by brees, Inc. (Representative Director Hiroshi Sato, hereinafter, "brees"), to its comprehensive PG Multi-Payment Service and will launch it today, August 30, 2018 as PAYSLE Payment, allowing users to make convenience store payments using a smartphone app.

To pay using PAYSLE, users scan a linear barcode1 displayed on their smartphone app during checkout at convenience stores to make payments. From Convenience Store Payments using payment numbers, Payments via Payment Slip, and now a smartphone app with PAYSLE, this launch allows E-commerce operators to offer a wide range of options to consumers paying at convenience stores.

1 Linear barcodes are one-dimensional barcodes (data represented by parallel lines of varying widths and spacings) displayed on LCD screens such as those on smartphones.

Expand Payment Options at Convenience Stores with PG Multi-Payment Service

【Background and Overview】

The domestic E-commerce market in Japan reached a value of 16.5 trillion yen (9.1 y-o-y increase) 2 in 2017, and trends show that it will continue to expand. The expansion of the market is accompanied with a broad range of payment options for internet and service purchases. Among them, convenience store payments are second only to credit card payments in popularity.3
Under these circumstances, GMO-PG offers options such as Convenience Store Payment, which use payment numbers, and Payment via Payment Slip, 4 which use payment forms to make payments, as part of its comprehensive PG Multi-Payment Service.

On August 30, 2018, PAYSLE, which utilizes linear barcodes displayed on smartphone apps to make payments at convenience stores, will be launched by GMO-PG as PAYSLE Payment and added to the expanding collection of payment methods at convenience stores offered by PG Multi-Payment Service. Now, E-commerce operators will be able to introduce three options to consumers, Convenience Store Payment, Payment via Payment Slip, and PAYSLE Payment, giving them a variety of options to make payments at convenience stores.

2 METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) FY2017 Survey of Infrastructure Development Status for Data-driven Society in Japan (E-Commerce Market Survey)
3 MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) FY2018 White Paper on Information and Communications in Japan Communications Usage Trend Survey
4 Payment via Payment Slip can be processed at the Japan Post Bank or at any post office.

【About PAYSLE】

PAYSLE is a service offered by brees that allows payments to be made at convenience stores using smartphone apps. It can be used to make payments for internet purchases, utility charges including electricity, gas and water, ticket purchases, and correspondence education/membership fees. When consumers choose PAYSLE as the payment method, a linear barcode used to make the payment will be displayed on the corresponding smartphone app.5 Cash payments can be made when the linear barcode is processed at checkout lanes in convenience stores, 6 meaning that consumers can make payments at convenience stores at any time, as long as they have a smartphone. Furthermore, the PAYSLE app can send push notifications for upcoming payment deadlines, show a list of payments yet to be made, and even comes with a function that displays payment history, allowing users to manage their payments, thereby preventing them from defaulting.7

5 Apps that can be used include the PAYSLE app (available for free) and apps provided by operators.
6 Currently available at Lawson, Ministop, and Seicomart, with plans for gradual expansion.
7 This function is only available on the PAYSLE app (available for free). Functions on apps provided by operators are pursuant to each individual app.

【About PG Multi-Payment Service】

PG Multi-Payment Service refers to a comprehensive payment service that collectively accepts credit card payments as well as the other methods listed below.
It offers payment options like Convenience Store Payment, where a payment number is used to make payments, Payment via Payment Slip, which use forms to make payments, and the newly launched PAYSLE Payment, to consumers making payments at convenience stores.
Not only can several payment methods and functions be uniformly managed on a central device, but the closing date and deposit date can be unified for each payment method, reducing the burden of managing accounts.

<Major Payment Options Provided by PG Multi-Payment Service>

Credit Card Payment, Convenience Store Payment, Carrier Billing, E-Money, Cash on Delivery, Account Transfer, PayPal, LINE Pay, Multi-Currency Credit Card Payment, BitCoin Payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Payment via Payment Slip, PAYSLE Payment, and more.

【About GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.】

GMO-PG offers comprehensive payment-related services and financial services to 93,450 establishments (GMO-PG Group as of the end of June 2018) including internet shops and other online vendors, operators that charge monthly fees and subscription services like NHK, the National Tax Agency, and public organizations such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
As the leading company in the payment industry with over 3 trillion yen processed in payments annually, it focuses on payment services, while offering value-added services like online advertisement services that are conducive to the sales growth of merchants and the financing of merchants that promote growth by providing financial support. In addition, it is expanding its business field by providing solutions to financial institutions, offering overseas payment services, as well as forming capital and business alliances with overseas payment companies.
GMO-PG strives to become the infrastructure of payment processes by realizing safe and convenient payments for both the consumer and the operator. It will be the driving force behind innovation as it continues its contributions to increasing the rate of E-commerce and promotes the trend toward making it cashless.

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