Capital alliance with a subscription system provider Bplats, Inc.

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.

September 20, 2017

GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (hereinafter called as "GMO-PG") has formed a capital alliance with a subscription* system provider Bplats, Inc. (hereinafter called as "Bplats") on September 20, 2017.
*One of the sales methods of services and software that charges a fee according to contract terms. Selling goods on subscription allows operates to deliver goods regularly throughout contract term.


In Japan, subscription-based business started as B2C "recurring purchase" or "goods-of-the-month delivery service". Today, it has expanded its forms as seen in recurring-billing music or video streaming business and in IoT or cloud marketplace services that charge according to device/service usage or flat rate on a monthly-basis. We have also seen an emergence of new services to analyze and use data obtained through IoT service on subscription basis.
Subscription is expanding since it allows revenue model of businesses to transition from an event (sales)-driven one to a stable, recurring one.
These moves have led GMO-PG to accelerate its initiatives to support the spread of subscription-based businesses provided by Japanese operates in the payment space involving various companies. As one such initiative, GMO-PG formed a capital alliance with Bplats in a bid to help subscription-based businesses grow.

[Bplats, Inc.]

Under the corporate mission "subscription for everyone", Bplats delivers a platform to service providers who want to charge on a monthly, usage and other bases.
Bplats supports monthly billing and usage-based billing on top of membership management and contract management mainly around IoT, communications (MVNO and Hikari Collaboration) and cloud marketplace.

P-Mark Certification
GMO Payment Gateway has acquired P-Mark certification.
The services of GMO Payment Gateway are PCI DSS 3.2 compliant.
All business premises of GMO Payment Gateway have acquired ISO/IEC.