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Our Philosophy

Startups represent the mindset and innovative force to change status quo for the better.

Established leaders such as GMO PG are well-positioned to lead ecosystem transformation.

Together, we can change the world.

Our Core Value

Big enough to influence market movement,
Small enough to be a true partner

  • While large companies have great strength to move markets,
    it’s often at the cost of moving slowly.
  • Smaller companies represent innovation and the ability to be nimble,
    yet are limited in resources, which hinders impact.
  • GMO PG is the balanced partner.
  • While we are the No.1 PSP in Japan, we run an efficient organization led
    by some of Asia’s greatest founders in the payments ecosystem.
  • We are the optimal partner,
    combining the strength of a large company with the agility of a small one.

Our Team

Erik Ford

Erik Ford

Erik Ford is the US Venture Partner for GMO Payment Gateway Inc and GMO VenturePartners. Based in San Francisco, Erik leads the investment, business development, and innovation discovery in the US. To date, the US portfolio represents 14 companies across industries such as technology infrastructure, FinTech, e-commerce, AI, and IoT. Prior to GMO PG and GMO VP, Erik has been a founder and entrepreneur across some of the most innovative ventures in e-commerce. Erik’s initial experience included investment banking and private wealth management at leading firms. He earned a B.S. in International Business while helping found the Entrepreneurship program at the University of Tampa.

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Tatsuro Yanai

Tatsuro Yanai

Tatsuro Yanai is a global investment and business development manager of GMO Payment Gateway Inc. He is based in Tokyo and primarily covers investments into US startups. Prior to joining GMO Payment Gateway Inc., Tatsuro worked for The Boston Consulting Group in Tokyo, where he engaged in several strategy consulting projects for major Japanese enterprises. Prior to that, he worked for Komatsu Ltd, the world’s second largest heavy equipment manufacturer, as a financial analyst. Tatsuro earned his B.A. degree from Waseda University.

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Investment Activity and Portfolio

  • We actively invest throughout the US and Asia, with a combined portfolio of 64 companies.
  • GMO PG does multi-stage investments from the balance sheet with check sizes of $100K to $10M,
    primarily focused on fintech.
  • GMO VenturePartners(GMO VP), our fund-based group company,
    is one of the most prolific VCs in Japan. With over 12 years, 5 funds and 10 IPOs,
    GMO VP is actively investing in emerging sectors out of its current $45M fund.
    » GMO Venture Partners
  • GMO Global Payment Fund (GPF) is an investment fund focusing on payments companies throughout Asia.
    The fund was established with $20M with our limited partners of major financial institutions.
    » GMO Global Payment Fund
  • Major portfolio companies for PG, VP and GPF are the followings.

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