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IVR payment service


* IVR payment service is an optional function of Credit card payment

Benefits of IVR payment

payment can be made without the operator touching the credit card information

-Reducing the risk of artificial information leakage

2. Realize non-retention and non-passage of credit card information on your company's PC, server, and network

-Compliant with "Credit Card Security Guidelines for Strengthening Security Measures in Credit Card Transactions"

3. Cooperation with core systems by utilizing API

-Easy linking of order information and transaction data

4. Provided in a secure environment compliant with PCI DSS (* 1)

(* 1) PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a global security standard in the credit industry jointly established by five international credit card brands: JCB, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA.

IVR payment service flow

After receiving the power, the operator will transfer it to the IVR, and the credit card information input will start.

IVR transaction data flow
  1. Telephone response
    Support for receiving power from end users, order details, payment method confirmation
  2. payment data and transfer to IVR
    Enter order information in the API-linked core system or IVR management screen
    Operator transfers to IVR
  3. Input card information, etc.
    Push entry of card number, expiration date, Security Code
  1. Card payment execution
    authorization / card registration
  2. Return card payment
  3. Return card payment
    (Check operator results)

Main functions of IVR payment

Operator call back function (standard)

payment with the IVR payment service (automatic voice response), you can have a conversation between the customer and the operator. You can follow up after the payment completed by talking with the customer after payment

API linkage function (standard)

Order information and IVR orders systems by leveraging the API cooperation function payment in the service payment was executed payment data will be to be able to auto-cooperation.

Flow until service introduction

It can be used in about 4 weeks after application.


Presentation of quotation, application form, terms of use
GMO-PG will provide individual quotes to member stores.


Submission of application form
Please submit the documents (application form) required for the contract


IVR payment service environment settings
We will set the environment on the condition that you have Credit card payment Credit card payment


Providing a production environment (1st of every month / 15th of every month)
It will change depending on the timing of receiving the application form and passing the credit card examination.


Production environmental test
Communication test and operator operation confirmation using the production environment


Production start

Precautions for IVR payment

1. Terms of use

To payment service, you contract PG Multi-Payment Service Credit card payment and pass the actual screening.

2. Delivery timing and billing

The production environment usage start date is twice a month, the 1st and the 15th.
You will be billed for a fixed monthly fee from the date the production environment is provided. * There is no daily installment request.

3. Line (number of simultaneous incoming calls)

5-line best effort type

4. Operating environment

--IE 11 or later (* not applicable to Edge), Chrome latest version, Firefox latest version * Supports TLS 1.2
--Limited to use from within Japan using telephones, PBXs, etc. that can send push signals (DTMF)
--PBX that allows three-way calling