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Not online shopping service only, infrastructure areas such as NHK broadcasting reception fees and electricity, gas and water rates, each municipalities taxes and pay the utility charge up to, credit card payments and various payment method proceed to respond to is.
PG Multi-Payment Service of the payment method from among the, to meet the needs of each business bidder payment method to chose the package, the smooth payment will support the introduction of the service.

Multi-Billing Package

It is a package that provides payment method of "card payment", "account transfer" and "payment slip payment", which is most suitable for electricity, gas, water and telecommunications carriers. You can reduce the work load because you can perform the work that occurs at payment method on one management screen, such as billing processing, management, and unification of billing formats.

Payment service Payment services for Municipalities & Public Institutions

vehicle taxes and light vehicle taxes and fixed assets tax and personal business tax and water rates and electronic application fee, facility usage charge, etc., Please leave all both single premium every month of collection. payment service that municipalities nationwide such as Tokyo and Osaka, and is ideal for storing hometown tax payments and donations.

payment package for BtoB EC

payment package for BtoB EC payment method can be conveniently used in BtoB EC, such payment", "account transfer", "Bank transfer (virtual account)", and "Paid payment", which are optimal for BtoB (business-to-business). It is a package that summarizes.

"enpay", payment service for childcare facilities, educational facilities, and lessons

Childcare facilities (nursery school, child garden, kindergarten) and educational facilities, of lessons for classroom payment as a service, enpay "of the company enpay we handle."
Eliminates complicated work related to collecting money and realizes work efficiency. Billing, collection, counting, reminder, transfer, etc. are all completed enpay
* This service is operated by enpay GMO-PG payment services to enpay

JTB Book & Pay

JTB Book & Pay from JTB BUSINESS INNOVATORS is available as a credit card advance payment service for accommodations.
This service allows you to payment in advance at the same time as booking your stay on the property's official website.