Connection types

OpenAPI Types

Everyone-friendly specifications

It is a connection method that considers and works closely with people who plan businesses, people involved in development, people in charge of operation, and people who use payment means.
It aims to be easy and safe to use and follows web standards such as RFC and OpenAPI Specification.
As a leading company in the payment industry payment we have been providing related services.
It is an API that can only be provided by GMO Payment Gateway.

Add payment means

I want to try payment means more easily
Haven't you thought about it?
Yes, with the OpenAPI type.

Standards Compliant

It follows all web standards. software Engineer's
Since the specification is based on a common understanding, the learning cost is minimized.
Streamline the development process from design to connection.

Peace of mind and safety

PCI DSS compliant provides peace of mind to all customers.
Fraud prevention solutions are also easy to implement.
We provide a safe payment environment.

Compatibility with existing connection methods

Customers who are currently using the protocol/module type can easily switch to the OpenAPI type.
Transaction information and registered member data can be used as they are, and shop information and various settings will not change.
In addition, the OpenAPI type can be used in conjunction with existing connection methods.
For example, it is possible to make a flexible transition such as implementing a schedule process to finalize transactions in advance.
The management screen, transaction delivery service, SFTP batch processing, etc. will continue to be available as before.

Feature comparison
OpenAPI Types Protocol Type Module Type
API reference clarity
API learning cost
Ease of embedded development
Additional costs of payment means

APIs that are great for developers

As the name suggests, the OpenAPI type supports the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). (v3.1.0 as of May 2023)
Schema-driven development is possible even for complex interface specifications related to payment.
The API reference is also based on OAS, and always provides up-to-date pages.

Furthermore, if you use OpenAPI Generator, you do not need to create troublesome model classes, and you can automatically generate classes that are completely according to specifications.
The APIs provided by the OpenAPI type are not so-called RESTful, but they are designed to be quickly understood by developers familiar with REST APIs.

It also supports idempotency, which can greatly simplify complex implementations to avoid double payment.

OpenAPI Specification (OAS) compliant

Always up-to-date, intuitive, and easy-to-understand API reference on the web

Supports idempotency
No matter how many times you retry, it will not be a double payment



1. Are there any additional costs for using the OpenAPI type?

If you are a PG Multi-Payment Service customer, there is no additional cost. However, if you use additional payment means or anti-abuse solutions, you will be charged an optional fee.

2. What are the payment means available for OpenAPI types?

We are adding more payment available means from time to time. For the latest information, please refer to the API reference for OpenAPI types.

3. Will the existing protocol types and module types be discontinued?


なお、OpenAPIタイプに未対応の決済手段についてはプロトコルタイプ、モジュールタイプ、リンクタイプ Plusをご利用ください。

This service is applicable when the introduced EC site is operated by a corporation.
If the introductory EC site is operated by an individual, please check here.