Line ads platform

Make effective use of the LINE Ads Platform to increase sales!

What is LINE Ads Platform?

From June 2016, the advertising space in the LINE Timeline and LINE News has been opened as an operational advertising menu. Through the LINE Ads Platform, Timeline and LINE NEWS, which boast high MAU within LINE, LINE BLOG, where more than 2,400 official bloggers are active, and LINE Manga, which has more than 17 million downloads, can be delivered in one stop. .. (* The distribution side may be expanded or changed in the future.)

LINE Ads Platform image

LINE Ads Platform January-March 2018 Quoted from media materials

Reasons to choose LINE Ads Platform

1. Overwhelming number of active users

One-stop delivery to Timeline and LINE NEWS, which boast high MAU within LINE, will be possible. * Distribution aspects such as LINE Manga and LINE Blog are expanding at any time.

2. High response rate to advertisements

Due to the gradual increase in user activity, posts from companies are often not recognized as advertisements. Therefore, the reaction rate tends to be high. It is not uncommon for the click rate to exceed 1%.

3. Many users can only contact with LINE Ads Platform

Even on LINE Timeline alone, 17.1% of users cannot contact on Facebook / Twitter, so it can be said that it is a suitable medium for new acquisition.

Attribute of timeline users that only LINE can reach
LINE Ads Platform October-December 2017 Quoted from media materials

LINE Ads Platform distribution method

  • WEB AD: Advertising format to encourage customers to be sent to external sites (LP)
  • APP AD: Ad format to encourage smartphone app installation
  • VIDEO AD: branding (only in the timeline)

LINE Ads Platform October-December 2017 Quoted from media materials

Benefits of leaving operation to GMO-PG

1. Targeting and creative proposals that maximize effectiveness

Like other SNS, creative is the life. We have been providing operational consulting centered on SNS advertising since the start of the department, and we are able to propose optimal creatives.

2. We have a wealth Actual cosmetics, apparel, and human resources.

We have a wealth of Actual in operating cosmetics, apparel, human resources, etc., which are said to be compatible with the LINE Ads Platform. Effective operation is possible by utilizing the know-how of other operational advertising.

3. Analysis and improvement

Since many Google Analytics qualified people are also enrolled, we thoroughly verify the overall advertising effectiveness by monthly reporting. We will run the PDCA cycle and improve the cost-effectiveness of advertising.

<Example> * Provided by LINE Corporation

Ladies' apparel (product purchase)
Usage amount CTR CPC CVR CPA
¥2,000,000 0.30% ¥130 4% ¥3,000
Basic cosmetics (sample purchase)
Usage amount CTR CPC CVR CPA
¥24,000,000 0.95% ¥25 5.80% ¥430
Human resources (part-time job membership registration)
Usage amount CTR CPC CVR CPA
¥2,000,000 1.80% ¥23 3.90% ¥600

Flow of introducing LINE Ads Platform

1. Hearing

We will conduct detailed hearings on target figures, objectives, and past operations.

2. Suggestion

Based on the content of the hearing, we will propose a strategy that suits your company, including simulation.

3. contract / start operation

Terms of Service Please check on your contract at the time who sent me seal the certificate contract will be signed. We will adjust the start of operation at your convenience.

4. Operation report

We will bring the report and make an operational report. In addition to the operation report of the previous month, we have received time for a meeting regarding the operation of the next month and thereafter.
* Depending on the usage amount, there may be cases where you do not visit, but we will send you a report of the operation results.

5. Operational tuning

We will tune the operation each time to meet the target value.