Website analysis / improvement consulting

We provide web analysis that is useful for site analysis and improvement with Google Analytics.

▼ WEBサイト分析・改善コンサルティングとは

Overview of website analysis / improvement consulting service

Our strength is that consultants with abundant experience in website analysis and improvement are involved in the entire process from analysis to improvement.

  • ・ Website analysis using Google Analytics ・ Planning of improvement measures
  • ・ Automatic report service such as Google Data Portal
  • ・ Tag maintenance using Google Tag Manager
  • ・ Implementation of AB test using Google Optimize

We will propose the most suitable improvement measures. Not only the above

  • ・ Diagnosis of Google Analytics settings
  • ・ Lecture on how to use Google Analytics (in-house workshop)
  • ・ Design of important site indicators and various KPIs
  • We provide a wide range of support, including the improvement of websites and the creation of systems necessary for measuring effects. Please see below for details on each service.

Service list

①Googleアナリティクス 初期設計サービス

We will check the setting status of your website and Google Analytics, and we will optimize it based on the diagnosis whether the setting is appropriate. For example, Listing ad, inflow from natural search, etc. so that you can measure the data required for your service. In addition, we can also help with tasks such as formulating important indicators and KPIs for customers who have problems such as "the indicators that should be viewed on the site have not been set" and "KPIs have not been set". is.


You can use the Google Data Portal to design and create your own KPI confirmation dashboard. We can respond to various needs such as real-time sharing of KPI information within the company and reduction of man-hours for creating numerical reports.


Experienced consultants will analyze from your own perspective and support you from discovering site bottlenecks to proposing specific improvement measures.

Output image of website analysis consulting service



In the test, we will handle all the work such as "test design-> A / B pattern setting-> distribution-> result verification-> reporting".
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