Facebook / Instagram ad operation service

Instagram ad has been used by many companies as an advertising medium next to Google in recent years. Actual of more than 350 projects to maximize advertising results with appropriate targeting and creativity.

Three features of Facebook / Instagram ad

■ Various distribution aspects and reach

Through various services provided by Facebook and partner apps / sites centered on Facebook / Instagram, you can deliver highly relevant advertising messages to the users you want to deliver.

* 1. Monthly active user (user who logged in to Facebook in 30 days)
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* 2. See Facebook Inc, 2017 Jan

* Quoted from 2017 Facebook media materials

■ Wide range of targeting and high accuracy

The accuracy of targeting based on the real name registration system is as high as 97.8%.
A wide range of targeting is possible by targeting based on real information such as interests / interests, family structure, dating status, work place, etc.

Wide range of targeting

* Quoted from 2017 Facebook media materials

■ Abundant ad formats

You can choose from a variety of ad formats, from photo ads to video ads, canvas ads to collection ads. It is possible to deliver ads in the appropriate format to users who want to approach.

Ad format

* Quoted from 2017 Facebook media materials

Selectable delivery objectives for Facebook / Instagram ad

■ Guidance to the website

Optimize your ads to the users who are most likely to click on your website link.

■ Video playback

It is possible to perform optimized distribution with video playback of 10 seconds or more.

■ Post engagement

Engage your Facebook page. Optimize your delivery to find users who are likely to behave in a way that suits their purpose.

■ Conversion

It is possible to perform optimized distribution of conversion acquisition.

■ Reach

Maximize your impressions and serve your ads to as many targets as possible.

Introduction Actual

An example of an EC site using our operation agency service

■ Men's apparel EC case

Men's Apparel EC Case Study: Transition of Number of Acquisitions

Facebook ad, acquisition from dynamic ads and collection ads was the key to improving results, and we succeeded in significantly increasing the number of acquisitions.
One year after the start of operation, the number of Facebook acquisitions accounted for about 20% of the total number of acquisitions.

■ Cosmetic EC case

Cosmetic EC case: Transition of the number of acquisitions

We had you introduce Facebook ad as above. This client also introduced a collection advertisement and succeeded in improving the results.
Six months after the start of operation, the number of Facebook acquisitions accounted for about 10% of the total number of acquisitions.

Benefits of leaving operation to GMO-PG

1. Abundant operational Actual

In with facebook / Instagram ad projects in Actual is more than items 350. You can maximize the results of advertising by utilizing the operational data and knowledge of various industries such as human resources, insurance, and TV industry from EC sites.

2. Direct contact with operation personnel is possible

Since there is no division of labor between the operations staff and the sales staff, it is possible to contact the operations staff directly. We will realize high-quality proposals and operations by having the operation staff directly listen to your requests.

3. Optimal creative creation is possible

It is creative that determines the quality of Facebook / Instagram ad A production team consisting of people with experience in advertising operations makes proposals and productions from the perspective of the operator.