Order of the Japanese syllabary

  • Acquire
  • VISA International, Master International, etc. Refers to a card company that has the right to handle branded credit cards (aggregation of sales), and is also called the final destination card company.
  • Account update process (Araigaesori)
  • This refers to the process of checking whether the credit card of the cardholder is valid every month when the business operator recurring payment
  • Issuer
  • A credit card issuer that has been lent the right to issue branded credit cards from VISA International, Master International, etc.
  • authorization internalized (authorization)
  • It means to secure the usage amount from the credit limit of the credit card. This document may also refer to the overall communication process with the card company.
  • Card number
  • Refers to your credit card number.
  • Card holder
  • Refers to credit card holders who use shopping sites operated by businesses.
  • Merchant contract
  • It refers to concluding a contract to become a member store of a card company when handling credit cards.
  • payment center
  • Refers to our system in general. It has a function to set the destination card company for each business operator, the payment option can be handled, and to create sales data.
  • International card
  • A general term for credit cards that can be used both in Japan and abroad.
    Refers to VISA, Master, American Express, Diners, JCB.
  • Destination
    (Destination card company)
  • By the card company to determine the availability of credit cards, merchant contract merchant if there is a contract destination card company, the merchant contract if there is no, VISA or Master card sales-intensive destination card company (acquirer of ).
  • Approval number
  • Merchant, at the time of sale by credit card authorization has been required to make a internalized, authorization refers to the number digit number given from the card company when performing the internalization.
  • Debit card
  • A card that works directly with the deposit account of the cardholder.
  • Proper card
  • A credit card that can only be used by a company specified by the credit card issuer.
  • Expiration date
  • The date of embossing on the face of your credit card. Valid Thru End month / year is displayed. Credit cards that have expired cannot be used.
  • Credit line (usage limit)
  • Refers to the available amount set on your credit card. It is also called the usage limit.