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Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

Expand sales opportunities by introducing card payment and CVS Payment
We safely and reliably deliver high-value-added products such as shop-limited products and character products to our customers.

Services used:PG Multi-Payment Service, Credit card payment, CVS Payment

Category: Sales of related products of anime works produced by Toei Animation

Introduction site: Toei Animation Online Shop

This article was published in May 2011.

I was able to greatly increase sales

payment service of GMO Payment Gateway, we operated only by cash on delivery, but we considered the introduction Credit card payment and CVS Payment as one of the measures to strengthen sales of online shops.
As a result, customer convenience has improved and sales have increased significantly. (Mr. Masanobu Tanabe, Internet Business Office)

Safety and reliability to ensure high security

By asking GMO Payment Gateway, we were able to ensure high security while keeping installation costs down. And above all, I chose it because of its safety and reliability. After all it was the most decisive factor to have a Actual

Actually, when I was considering introducing it, payment system of GMO Payment Gateway, and I got the impression that it was a very pleasant and reliable system. Even after the introduction, there are no major problems and we can leave payment

About future online shop management prospects

I would like to strongly convey the premier and official feeling unique to the official shop. Also, as a shop operated by an animation production company, limited products and pre-sale products of our own characters are very popular, so we would like to develop more products that fans will be pleased with.

And I would like to promote the creation of more convenient online shops, such as adding payment method

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