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Customer :

Spacey Co., Ltd.

Utilizing "GMO-PG Transaction Lending
Spacey Co., Ltd., who raised funds in a timely manner according to the growth phase.
We talked about the merits of using the service and the effects of its introduction.

Industry: Online reservation service

Business: Operates "Spacey", a sharing service for conference rooms and workspaces.

Services used:PG Multi-Payment ServiceGMO-PG Transaction Lending

This article was published in July 2018.


・ I considered debt financing, but thought that it would be difficult to obtain a loan from financial institution such as a bank due to the nature of the business model.
・ It was necessary to procure investment funds in a timely manner to expand the business, such as increasing the number of registered conference rooms for sharing.

New Financing Options

Overwhelming sense of speed

  • Spacey Co., Ltd.

    Operates "Spacey", a sharing service for conference rooms and workspaces. Spacey is a matching service that allows you to easily rent and borrow idle spaces such as vacant spaces in corporate offices and buildings.Registrants post information on conference rooms on Spacey's site, and users can use area, time, Wi-Fi, etc. You can search and make reservations from equipment such as power supplies. It is supported that the conference room can be used at a reasonable price of about 500 yen per hour, and the number of registered properties is about 4,000, the number of registered users is about 130,000, and the total number of users is 200. It reaches 10,000 people (as of June 2018). In addition, recently, in addition to a service that rents out seats as a working space by utilizing the idle time of restaurants, we have expanded the services necessary for remote work, such as starting a low-priced mobile Wi-Fi rental service, and it is growing steadily. Continues.

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