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payment conditions such as split shipping, speed and quality of sales at the front desk.
That professional work was the reason why I chose GMO-PG as my partner.

Based on the concept of "Genki, Happy, SEXY", the company sells fashion items centered on lingerie and innerwear, and continues to send energy to girls in the world. Targeting young women in their 20s and 30s, it continues to grow by selling through various channels such as mail order
We asked him about the attractiveness of the company, the background to the introduction PG Multi-Payment Service

Category: Merchandise | mail order

Introduction site: PEACH JOHN

Service Overview: PEACH JOHN is a shopping site where you can enjoy a wide range of original and imported products, focusing on lingerie, fashion and cosmetics. Not only catalog reprinted items, but also web-only products and campaigns are full.

This article was published in September 2015.

"Genki / Happy / SEXY"

"The issue before introduction is a complicated operation payment system"

Since we hold a lot of customer data and there is a risk of information leakage such as credit card numbers, we chose a payment system by a payment agency that does not hold card information in-house for the core system replaced in 2009. .. Peach John's payment flow was designed with thorough consideration of operations for customers who purchase it, and GMO-PG's payment module, which can flexibly handle complicated designs, was required. It is.

"The decisive factor for GMO-PG is the speed and quality of sales"

"As a solution partner after introduction"

The existence of a sales person who can respond immediately in case of trouble during actual use is very helpful in the operation. In addition to payment, it is a "solution-type sales" that comprehensively provides proposals and information to our company, such as online advirtisement I think this is one of GMO-PG's strengths that is not available.

"About future prospects"

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