GMO Smart Shiharai - Credit card payment via smartphone

GMO Smart Shiharai

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▼ GMO Smart Shiharai

“GMO Smart Shiharai” developed by GMO Payment Gateway is a new type of in-store payment solutions that allows your customers to pay with their smartphones by just tapping the application. Since this solution completes the payment within the application, it doesn't require customers to have cash or a credit card, thus, optimizing the speed of the payment process.

Four advantages of our GMO Smart Shiharai

1. No need for a card reader

We provide a new experience of smart consumption and payment that doesn't require a credit card or cash.

2. Service start is possible in two business days

You are able to start using our smart checkout service in 2 business days after applying.

3. Connecting with various services

GMO Smart Shiharai can be implemented in various applications as a payment function. It has already been implemented in applications developed by S-cubism Inc. (EC-Orange POS), Ubiregi Inc. (Ubiregi POS), GMO DIGITAL Lab K.K. (GMO Omise application), and GMO TECH (GMO AppCapsule). We are currently pursuing collaboration with more companies.

4. Enhanced security measures

Information of registered credit cards is not retained in the application. It is stored on the server of our PG Multi-Payment Platform that provides comprehensive payment services.

Available payment solutions

Table checkout

Table checkout

  • Table checkout enables your customers to complete payments within the application: they just check in, confirm the bill amount and type their password. TOUCH ID is also supported.*iOS only.
  • After choosing a customer and entering the amount, you need to select “Send to Customer”.
    This solution can be used when paying at the table in restaurants and cafes.

Cash on checkout

Cash on checkout

  • Your customers can also enter their password on your tablet.
  • After choosing a customer and entering the amount, you just need to select “Pay at this terminal”.

Pre-order payment

Pre-order payment

  • Your customers can make a pre-order and complete the temporary payment within the application.
  • You just need to tap “Confirm” within the cash register application to approve the order and payment.

QR code payment

QR code payment

  • Your customers can complete the payment by scanning the QR code.
  • This solution enables payments for things with a fixed price, such as food and drinks that are listed on the menu.

Marketing to customers is also available

Confirmation of customers’ information

  • Confirmation of customers’information
  • You can browse photos, birthdays, names, number of visits, the latest visit and other information of your customers who visited your store.
    Based on this information, you are able to strengthen relationship with your customers.

Sending notifications

  • お知らせの送信
  • You can send PUSH notifications to targeted customers.
    After sending the notification, it is possible to check which customers opened them.

No initial costs and monthly charges

After you download the free application and replace your card reader with a smartphone or tablet, there is no need to pay initial costs to start the service.


Payment cycle: twice a month

  • ・The closing day: the 15th of a current month (from the 1st to the 15th of a current month)
    The day of deposit: the end of a current month (the last business day of a current month)
  • ・The closing day: the end of a current month (from the 16th to the last business day of a current month)
    The day of deposit: the 15th of the next month (the next business day)

How to apply

Service is provided at least two business days after applying on our website.

How to apply

Successful Stories

Our GMO Smart Shiharai is implemented by various merchants regardless of their industry.

  • 【Restaurant】trattoria doni(Shibuya)

    Trattoria Doni(Shibuya)

  • 【Hair salon】Total beauty salon SUN(Shirokanedai)

    【Hair salon】
    Total beauty salon

  • 【Retail】ALANDALA(Nakameguro)


  • 【Beauty salon】BeautiQ (Minamiaoyama)

    【Beauty salon】
    BeautiQ (Minamiaoyama)

Cards accepted

The service is available to Visa and Mastercard

  • visa
  • mastercard

Please download the application from here

  • App Store
  • Google Play