3D Secure

3D Secure

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3D Secure is a mechanism that processes credit card payments with the ID and the password provided by the issuer, in addition to the credit card number and the expiry date.
The service is available for Visa, Mastercard, and JCB.

*Although the name of the service can vary with the card brand, it is commonly referred to as “3D Secure”.

3D Secure

About unauthorized use and chargeback

Unauthorized use refers to the use of a credit card by a person who pretended to be the card holder. Once the unauthorized use is revealed, the credit card company initiates the chargeback*.

*Chargeback is the denial of payment proceeds by the credit card company to the merchant, when the card holder disagrees with the payment due to fraudulent activity.

When chargeback occurs, proceeds of such transactions cannot be paid. In addition, if the clearance has already been completed by GMO-PG and the merchant, and the payment cannot be offset from the recent transfer, the merchant has to pay the amount back to GMO-PG. Therefore, the proceeds might not be paid to merchants, even if they have already delivered the goods or have started providing the service.

Why is it important?

3D Secure is very effective as a security measure to prevent increasing incidents of unauthorized use of credit cards and credit card forgery, because it requires inputting the password known only by the card holder.

Why 3D Secure adoption is important?

Advantages and disadvantages of 3D Secure (authentication service)


Prevention of spoofing attacks
Each transaction is approved with the password that was registered by the card holder in advance. That is why, if the other information of the card was stolen, 3D Secure prevents unauthorized access to the card and illegal purchases of goods and services.

By implementing 3D Secure (authentication service), you can demonstrate to your customers, that you “pay the utmost attention to security ”.


Opportunity loss
In some cases card holders do not remember the password at the time of online shopping, so they may quit purchasing.

Credit card brands adopted 3D Secure

  • Verified by Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB

*3D Secure Programs of American Express and Diners Club are not available.

An example of the authentication screen *The authentication screen may vary based upon the card issuer.

Screen to input the password

Customers who see the screen to input the password are registered to the authentication service.
*If customers forget the password, they should call the issuing bank on the number that appears on the back of the credit card.
(From the perspective of the personal information protection, customers cannot confirm the password if they call the merchant)

Important notes

Credit card brands that adopted 3D Secure

Visa/Mastercard/JCB have the 3D Secure Program.
Transactions of other card brands are processed as transactions without individual authentication.

Compatibility with smartphones

3D Secure (authentication service) is not compatible with smartphones.

Notes regarding the change in the amount

  • If you change the amount of the transaction processed with the use of 3D Secure, such transaction will be processed as the transaction without individual authentication. Therefore, if you receive the contact regarding the chargeback, caused by an unauthorized use, you may have to accept it.