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GMO Payment Gateway ("GMO-PG") offers secure and reliable security measures.

We deliver the safe and secure payment processing environment from the beginning to the end of each transaction

According to a survey, 918 data breach incidents occurred worldwide in the first half of 2017. The number increased by close to 164% since the same period a year before. More than 1.9 billion personal data or account data leaked, 74% of which are the malicious acts by third parties.

Under such circumstances, it is very important for companies to assume possible threat and consider suitable security countermeasures. GMO-PG offers Prevention measures of card data leakge for every stage: "before payment", "during payment" and "after payment" as a way to build a secure environment for all merchants.

Strengthening of measures for security in credit card transactions

In order to develop an environment which ensues security in credit card transactions, considering hosting of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020, the Credit Transaction Security Council announced the "Action Plan”.
Act for Partial Revision of the Installment Sales Act requires online operators to "not retain" credit card data or to "comply with PCI DSS" as part of the measures against credit card data leakage, and to prevent of fraudulent usage.
* The Action Plan is the code of practice for the Act for Partial Revision of the Installment Sales Act.

Strengthening of measures for security

 ・・・Services corresponding to the Installment Sales Act (the Action Plan)

Our services on prevention of card data usage and non-retaining of card data

the Action PlanTokenization
Tokenization is a security service mitigating data leakage risk that allows buyers to complete payment by converting an inputted credit card number into a unique alphanumeric token.
the Action PlanIVR
IVR (interactive voice response) payment is a payment service through credit card for orders taken by phone at call center, etc.
the Action PlanTablet
We provide a credit card based payment through a payment-dedicated tablet terminal on a network decoupled from merchants’.
the Action PlanBPO
BPO is an outsourcing service of taking orders via FAX, letters or call center as well as card payment processing service to companies that obtained PCI DSS. GMO-PG can connect you to its partner companies.
the Action PlanEmail link
Email link
Email link is a payment service through a link sent to the email address of buyers. Since the payment site is provided by GMO-PG, merchants can complete payment process without storing, processing or transmitting card data.
the Action PlanLink type payment
Link type payment
Since GMO-PG provides payment screen, merchants can complete payment process without restoring, processing or transmitting card data.
the Action PlanMember ID payment
Member ID payment
(Card data entrustment service)
Member ID payment is a service under which merchants entrust us with card data entered by buyers. Operators with many repeat customers as well as recurring billing operators can mitigate security risk under this service.

Our prevention services for fraudulent usage

the Action PlanFraud prevention service (ReD)
ReDShield is a security service with a solid, world-wide track record in fraudulent transaction prevention. Questionable transactions can be identified by screening "user data" and "order data" that merchant holds, mitigating charge back risk associated with unauthorized usage.
the Action Plan3D Secure
3D Secure
3This is a credit card payment service in which customers enter ID and password that credit card companies issue for internet use only, besides credit card number and expiration month, on internet, better preventing spoofing, etc.
the Action PlanSecurity code
Security code
Security code service is a personal identification service that requires entering last three digits of a number printed on the back of a credit card (four digits on the front side for AMEX) aside from credit card number, allowing merchant to verify that buyer has a credit card on hand.
the Action PlanChargeback Insurance
Chargeback Insurance
Chargeback is the denial of payment proceeds by the credit card company to the merchants, when the card holder disagrees with the payment due to fraudulent activity.
Even if the above situation takes place, you can minimize the risk of losing sales by applying for "Chargeback Insurance." and avoid business impact.
the Action PlanFraudulent address detection service
Fraudulent address detection service
Merchants have a better chance in identifying if a buyer is fraudulent or not by collating buyer data with a "list of addresses for fraudulent usage" that belongs to each credit card company.
the Action PlanData Leakage Protector
Data Leakage Protector
Information Leakage Protector is an insurance that protects corporate management from the risk of leakage of personal and corporate information.
Once data loss incidents takes place, a company suffers from a lot of damage, including: infringement, indemnity payment and decline in reputation. In such situations, "Information Leakage Protector" can be very effective.

Other service

SSL creates an encrypted connection to establish a secure communication. By purchasing a coupon from us, you can obtain one of the following SSL Certificates.