PAYSLE Payment

PAYSLE Payment

▼ About PAYSLE

A payment service where payments can be easily made at a convenience store by reading an electronic barcode displayed on the smartphone at the cash register.

The advantages of using PAYSLE payment

1. Improved collection and prepone collection

  • Improved collection and to bring forward collection by improving the convenience for consumers.

2. Reduction in operational burden

  • Operational burden can be reduced by eliminating the need to print and post the payment slip.

3. Cost Reduction

  • Cost reductions for paper, printing and postage costs can be by eliminating the need to issue payment slips. The need for revenue stamps here can also be eliminated.

Operational Flow

  • Purchase information, payment identification number, payment confirmation notification…Purchase information, payment identification number, payment confirmation notification
  • deposit…deposit
  1. Purchase
  2. Payment processing (Merchant→GMO-PG)
  3. Barcode issued (GMO-PG→Merchant)
  4. Barcode issued (GMO-PG→PAYSLE App)
  5. Barcode issued (Merchant→Consumer)
  1. Payment (Consumer→CVS store)
  2. Deposit notification (CVS store→GMO-PG)
  3. Deposit notification (GMO-PG→Merchant)
  4. Merchandise/Service provided
  5. Sales proceeds delivered 【Deposit】 (CVS store→GMO-PG)
  1. Sales proceeds delivered 【Deposit】(GMO-PG→Merchant)
* An option to either display the payment barcode on a proprietary app or to use the PAYSLE app is available.

Implementation types for PAYSLE Payment

Two types of implementation of PAYSLE payment are available for selection at application.

  • Merchant embeds the PAYSLE payment function into their app, and the consumer uses the PAYSLE payment function to make the payment via the merchant’s app.
  • Highly convenient method of for the consumers as it simply uses the PAYSLE function within the Merchant’s app.
  • Consumer downloads the PAYSLE App and uses the PAYSLE payment function.
    * PAYSLE App is free of charge, and can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.
  • This type of implementation is best suited for merchants without a proprietary consumer app and for merchants who prefer to implement PAYSLE payment without incurring the development costs.

Cautionary points on PAYSLE payment

  • This service can be used for advance payment and deferred payment, but does not purchase receivables.
  • For the proprietary app embedded-type, there will be a confirmation test for pre-launch barcode display, and the regulations display by the payment company.
  • For the proprietary app embedded type, please select either the ‘display payment complete barcode’ (payment suspension processing is initiated) or the ‘do not display the Received barcode’ when the transaction is deemed payment complete, or suspended, or past the deadline, in order to avoid a mistaken payment.
  • For the PAYSLE app type, the consumer must have the PAYSLE app installed in the smartphone prior to making a payment request at the merchant. Additionally, it will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to generate the barcode in the PAYSLE app after the merchant executes the payment.
* PAYSLE is a service provided by brees corporation.