Partner programs

Partner programs

We have two types of partner programs:

-Referral Type: Partner introduces a merchant (customer) to us,

-Wholesale Type: Partner sells our services as an agency.

We also support partner compensation in a flexible manner.

Referral Type

We have prepared the referral partner program as a scheme mainly for system companies. According to this scheme, a partner company introduces merchants (customers) to us, and we, in our turn, handle sales, support, and accounting related work.

In return for sending customers to us, we pay referral fees.

Wholesale Type

Wholesale partner program is oriented to mall-order and ASP businesses. According to this scheme, we offer wholesale prices to partner companies, while they conduct sales and support.

Difference between two types of partner programs

Item Referral Type Wholesale Type
Subject System companies Mall operators, ASP businesses
Support services GMO-PG Primary reception at your company (partner)
Billing GMO-PG sends billing invoices directly to
GMO-PG sends your company (partner) an
invoice including system usage fee
Sales deposit GMO-PG conducts sales deposit directly to
GMO-PG conducts sales deposit directly to
Partner’s profitability Please contact us separately Please contact us separately