▼ Merpay
Merpay, a smartphone app service, makes paying for merchandise on an EC site easy and seamless.
An online payment can be made by using the sales balance* on Mercari, reward points, Merpay balance, charge-type payment and, Merpay Smart payment (aggregate payment to the next month, eligibility standards apply).
* Certain settings or purchasing of points is needed to use the sales balance.

Benefits of Merpay

  • 1. Using the sales balance from Mercari
    Use of sales proceeds from Mercari* can be used via Merpay.
    Even if there is zero sales balance, users can top-up from their bank account or chose Merpay Smart payment, which expands the potential customer reach.
    * Certain settings or purchasing of points is needed to use the sales balance.
  • 2. Quick payment from Mercari app
    Easy to make payments by downloading the Mercari app.
    Drive higher conversion rates.

How to use Merpay

    1. Chose Merpay at the checkout page of the EC website
  • Tap the “Pay using Merpay” button or by selecting Merpay and proceed to completing the payment.
    2. Payment from Mercari app
  • Start up the Mercari app and the checkout screen will be displayed.
  • Choose the preferred payment method of Merpay balance or Merpay Smart from the payment option.
    3. Payment Complete! Return to EC site
  • Complete the checkout by tapping Merpay in the payment option or by choosing “Pay with Merpay”.
  • When the payment is complete, the screen will be redirected to the Payment Complete screen of the EC website.

Cautionary note on Merpay

  • ・Limitations apply on payment methods depending on the merchandise or goods carried by merchants.