Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin Payment

We offer the safe and secure Bitcoin Payment for users
the number of whom is greatly increasing

▼ Bitcoin Payment
Bitcoin payment is a payment solution that allows your customers to buy goods with bitcoins in accordance with the real-time bitcoin rate.
After you implement the Bitcoin Payment, your buyers are able to see goods prices based on the current bitcoin rate, and make payments by typing their ID and one-time password.
Having established a business alliance with bitFlyer Inc. we started offering “Bitcoin Payment” method.
B2C payments are made from the deposit and finalized immediately within the platform powered by bitFlyer Inc., so that they don't require 10 minutes. Also, based on supply and demand, bitcoin transactions cause market fluctuations. However, the “Bitcoin Payment” provided by us has an option (free of charge) that enables you to avoid the risk of market fluctuations, so you can safely provide this payment solution to your customers.
In the United States, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Square have partnered with major bitcoin payment processors to allow online merchants to accept bitcoin payments.

Three reasons to choose Bitcoin Payments

  • 1.It is a safe and secure payment solution, because it is provided by the largest payment service provider and the major bitcoin company in Japan.
  • 2.Transaction fee is low.
  • 3.Deposit cycle of sales proceeds can be easily adjusted.

Bitcoin Payment


Operation flow

  • Purchase information、Processed payment、notification…Purchase information、Processed payment notification
  • Deposit…Deposit
Operation flow
  1. Purchase
  2. Payment processing
  3. Notification of the amount of bitcoin payment
  4. Bitcoin Payment displays
  5. Type bitFlyer ID and one-time password
  1. Payment instructions
  2. Payment confirmation
  3. Deposit instructions
  4. Sales deposit

PG Multi-Payment Service

“PG Multi-Payment Platform” is a comprehensive payment service that gathered various payment solutions as the industries’ most advanced “SaaS”, which is easily introduced and highly efficient.

The process of service introduction is very smooth, as we facilitate all steps from the beginning of platform introduction to the full-scale service operations.

Preliminary steps of operation

1. Contact/request for materials

Please contact us using either the request form, or by phone. We will send you free materials about payment services that are best suitable for your business. According to your request, our sales representative will contact you in a timely manner.

Note that it may take anywhere from three weeks, to two months to start the operation. This period includes: the initial application, merchant screening, ID issuing, and system integration.
We provide detailed consultations and accept requests regarding our payment services.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

2. Application

Please submit the application for the Bitcoin Payment service.

3. Applying for bitFlyer Corporate Account

We will send you a URL with the application for the bitFlyer Corporate Account. You are requested to upload the register of you company, identification documents of the company’s representative, identification documents of the business manager, and the first page of the registered bank account passbook.

4. The start of full-scale operations.

Service operation will start.


Bitcoin Payment is available only for the merchants who have the credit card contract with us.