Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

▼ Amazon Pay
Amazon Pay is a payment service used for making purchases and service usage payments using the Amazon account.
Orders for purchases can be made easily and conveniently without the need to input address and credit card details by simply logging into the user’s (buyer’s) Amazon account.
Also compatible with subscription payments (Auto Pay).

Benefits of Amazon Pay

  • 1. Improved conversion rates
    Improved conversion rates and prevention of customer drop-off by reducing the hassle of inputting information at checkout.
  • 2.Acquiring new customers
    Increasing the acquisition of new customers with a smooth and stress-free purchase experience.
  • 3.Anti Fraud Measures
    Monitoring of account and password 24hrs/365 days by Amazon.
    Safe and secure installation with the application of Amazon marketplace guarantee Marketplace Guarantee(*).

    * Amazon marketplace Guarantee is a guarantee system offered by Amazon to purchasers to a maximum amount of \300,000 of the purchase amount including delivery charges, to mediate between operators (sellers) and consumers (buyers).

Amazon Pay Operation Flow

Flow of money from buyer to merchant

  • Purchase data, payment number and payment completion notice …Purchase information, Payment identification number, Payment confirmation notification
  • Payment …Deposit
Operation flow
  1. Login with Amazon account
  2. Link of address and payment information (Amazon→Merchant)
  3. Display of and payment information (Merchant→Consumer)
  4. Purchase
  5. Payment processing (Merchant→GMO-PG)
  1. Payment processing (GMO-PG→Amazon)
  2. Confirmation notification of payment processing (Amazon→GMO-PG)
  3. Payment confirmation (GMO-PG→Merchant)
  4. Merchandise/Service delivered
  5. Handover (deposit) of sales proceeds (Amazon→GMO-PG)
  1. Handover (deposit) of sales proceeds (GMO-PG→Merchant)

Implementation procedure

Following is the procedural flow for Amazon Pay

Step1. Application for pre-launch screening to GMO-PG

Please link the EC website to be implemented to the GMO-PG Sales representative.

Step2. Create an Amazon Pay seller account Use this URL to apply for Amazon Pay. (1 to 2 weeks)

Step3. Prepare a screen shot (evidence) of inputting the designated account into the bank account to be used for depositing sales proceeds

Use of this service via GMO-PG cannot be made if the application does not use the designated bank account.

Step4. Application for PG Multi-Payment Service (submit the requisite 6 items listed below)

Seller Central login Email address, Client ID, Seller ID, Access key ID, Secret access key, Step 3’s evidence

Step5. Pre-launch readiness after system settings at GMO-PG

Setup of GMO-PG system based on the linked evidence.

Step6. Go live.

Cautionary notes on Amazon Pay

  • ・Use the module type/protocol type for installation
  • ・Installing the “Amazon Account Login” button is needed before the page to input payment information.
  • ・Do not make changes to the transaction using Amazon Pay management screen (Seller Central)
    * This may affect sales proceeds amount due to discrepancy in the payment situation between GMO-PG and Amazon.
  • ・Amazon Pay is only available for’s account holders with completed registration of their cardholder data and address.
  • ・The sales proceed amount will be deposited as sales amount by PG Multi-Payment Service.
    * The payment of sales amount may be affected if the designated bank account is not correctly registered.